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The Peak Work Experience!

A question that I’ll ask my students in “Selective Hiring” goes something like this, “Given that the two candidates are equal in every way except one: one is coming off a tremendous win (a peak work experience) and the other is coming off a major failure (a valley work experience) which one do you hire?”

1 Tip to Using Social Media to Accelerate Language Acquisition

Nowadays, our ability to set time aside to focus on one thing at a time is becoming less and less practical. We are constantly distracted by work, friends, social media, etc. I have found that finding creative ways to combine interests is a great way to maximize your efficiency throughout the day in order to feel accomplished on all of your goals.

How to Write Cold Emails That Actually Get Opened and Get You Sales

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu sits down to talk with Alex Berman, founder of Experiment 27, to discuss crafting effective cold emails. Berman goes over some tips about why certain cold emails are conducive to making sales over others. The…

4 Stocks from Warren Buffett to Buy in Q2 Earnings

It is not for no reason that Warren Edward Buffett is an investment guru. Suffice it to say that his company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.B), has yielded a staggering return of more than 700% since inception. 4 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy…

Organic search dropping: What’s a marketer to do?

So what’s a marketer to do? Paid search is taking over more real estate on Google. Google eliminated the right rail paid search ads and cut the map pack from 7 listings down to 3. But that still means often the organic search results often fall below the fold, meaning not on the first browser window.

Millennials are selfish, and so are the leaders who complain about them

Recently, I came across this article about Gen-Y (millennials) in the workplace. It was fairly typical in that the general point of view it conveyed was that millennials are selfish, entitled and out for themselves. When instead, they should be more grateful for opportunities and have more patience when it comes to their development.

Bull Market with Higher Volatility

Investors went overly bullish into 2018. Despite the macro risk factors of high asset valuations, rising interest rates and perpetually increasing debt, investors’ sentiment peaked at the highest level in almost five years in January 2018. Even Bloomberg asked: The Stock Market Never Goes Down Anymore?Volatility, measured by the VIX, dropped below 10. But when everybody is a bull, who is left to buy? And this is exactly what happened.

Want To Do Your Own PR? Here’s An Online Service That Helps

In the past, I railed about the horrific idea of attempting to automate thought leadership and PR. But for small businesses wanting to save time and money while increasing the positive results of public relations, I was heartened to discover a do-it-yourself PR idea that works.

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