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Alright I know yesterday I said I would wait till Friday but I wanted to get this information out!

Adding value, one of the best phrases in business today but adding value does not alway associated with  a monetary meaning. Value is so much more and can come from many places.

To understand Value you should ask yourself the following question: Is what your currently doing benefiting or improving your current or future situation? This is where Entreprenuers, Business Executives, and Leaders minds flourish and where innovative solutions to today’s real business and environmental challenges are born.

So what is valuable? You? Your time? Your skills? Your job? What about different things like your family and friends? Do you find social status valuable? If you’ve noticed, none of these have anything to do with money because at the end of the day adding value is not about the money; it’s about the story of how you got the money that is valuable. For example, people ask how much money you make and as soon as you tell them the next question is some variation of “What do you do?”  The story is valuable. The information is valuable. What did you do to get there? How did you do something that created a beneficial outcome?

No matter what you are doing in life you should always have the mindset to add value to everything. To create innovative solutions that benefit you, those around you and the organization you work for. In doing so you will develop the skills and the know how to accomplish greater goals in life successfully. Do activities that improve and benefit your current situation. But most of all, NEVER take away value. 

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