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The Drive. The Passion. The Uncontrollable Urge to be something else. Something Better. Something bigger… than Myself. This is and has be my undeniable obsession since I was young. The need to be an Entrepreneur, start businesses and helping people unlock their true qualities, uniqueness and confidence to succeed.

To start off, in the last 10 years I have started two businesses (One successful and one not), managed large teams, multi-million dollar retail stores successfully, production centers and now hold had over 10 years of management experience in Retail and Product Production because of it. When I was the age of 18, I started a clothing company by the name of Tusk and Temper Denim in 2006. This was where I had my first experiences of managing and running my own business and to add to the mix I had a partner as well, and my father was funding it. During this time, I had a grand vision of where this company was going to ultimately take me. So to achieve that vision, I had to be mature and professional enough to work with multi-million dollar companies that worked along side the biggest names in fashion. Not just to be able to “talk” to them but to be taken seriously by them. So I grew up fast. After the first year or so I had gone from concept to incorporation, had several designs in production, starting with building relationships with overseas manufacturers at 2-4 in the morning then switching the whole operation to be American made. I not only had my dad’s funding but had a major investor on the line for $5 million dollars and multi-million dollar orders from Nordstrom’s and American Rag and a few other boutiques. Everything was going my way and at the age of 18 was one step from away from success. Then one day I woke up and the market crashed and we fell into a recession. We lost the investor and my dad could no longer fund the organization because he had his own business to look out for. I had to file bankruptcy and dissolve my LLC. Ultimately I experienced failure at the largest degree. I cannot however blame it all on the market. I too had made several key mistakes, ran productions early, had some suppliers use the wrong resources, and failed to keep an accurate budget and schedule of projects. Not to mention my lack of follow up. Ultimately I was conflicted with being an Entrepreneur, having no business skills and being 18. After this I became what many people became at that time, unemployed and gave up on my pursuit to own and operate a high end clothing business.

I’d like to say that one of the most profound things I learned about my early experiences as an Entrepreneur is that failure not only hurts; it is absolutely necessary if you want to experience success. I believe that one must fail in order to truly bring out the drive to succeed. You need to understand what rock bottom feels like before you can no longer fear it. I think of it like this. I have never broken a bone in my life. I don’t know what that experience feels like so I actually have a fear of it. Once I break a bone, which I hope is never, I will know what it feels like, so therefore will no longer have the need for fearful anticipation of it happening again which would probably influencing me to be more outgoing and adventurous. I use this only as an analogy, Im not going to go out of my way to break any bones, I am plenty adventurous.

Back to the story! After my unemployment, I found a sales job at a local music store that was part of the largest chain in America. Because of my natural abilities to lead and my personal need for growth, I moved up the management ladder quickly, hiring and training many of the districts top performers. Many that have advanced quickly in their careers because of the training I provided and the confidence the received to go after the next position. Eventually I received my own store and learned to manage a much larger team, being responsible for everything as well. But as time went on, I noticed training was lacking on a company level as a whole and the organization made several bad decisions that almost put the company under and as a result our store was chosen as to be a part of a group 7 stores out of over 260 to lead a new change in pay, procedures and titles for associates for the company. We were the only district successful in the role out, executing the change cycle effectively however, as the expansion continued to other districts it came to a urgent halt. Once again I had to lead a new change with pay, procedures, and titles and each time had to maintain a positive atmosphere and happy employees. I can say that due to being able to connect with my team and inspire moral, helped us to make it through. However, Change is necessary too. You become stagnant and irrelevant if you do not change and eventually your customers and team will leave you behind.

So in light of all of this, I started another venture, Manager Mint, LLC to give back and teach the knowledge that I have received over the years to you. I have attended countless leadership courses, read many leadership books, have over 10 years of experience in a management position and the experience of starting my own business, twice! This time, my success is much greater!

So what is Manager Mint?

Manager Mint, LLC was founded on the basis of the need for more Effective Leaders to be present in the workplace. Training used to be at the top of a company’s list of priorities but as time has gone on and as labor budgets and other resources begin to be tighten, training falls to the wayside. But let us think about it. Training doesn’t need to be about money. It needs to be about the want to help people around you improve and grow. There are still many companies in the world that hold training to the upmost importance. Look at Disney, ADP, Cheesecake Factory, or Google just to name a few, What these places have in common is that because of their devotion to training their employees, their revenues go up. Why? Because their staff is better able to assist their customers as well as each other and work as an cohesive and effective team. 

If your a big company and you want to see how improving your training or your staff can benefit you, then sign up your team for one of our classes or see how we can help you develop a training curriculum for your leadership team. I want to help everyone and give as many people and businesses the chance at success that I have. Although this time you will learn from my experience and not have to make the same mistakes I did to reach this point. 

I know what organizations and their managers are looking for when building a leadership team. They are looking for is someone that stands out of the crowd, and that is a competent leader. Not one that can just execute policies and procedures but an individual that can be innovative, and create solutions for their business and customer issues, and that can connect with a team of people. An Effective leader, is an individual that takes charge and leads by actively engaging with their team to produce desired results. 

If you want or have started a career at an organization, chances are that you want to move up. This is where we come in. In the lack of training that exists we will lead to a more successful career through our Effective Leadership Programs. As your career blossoms, you will be able to pass down the information you learn here to the legacy of people that succeed because of the positive impact you have made on them as an individual and their career. I am here to teach you the detailed fundamentals of management and to increase the effectiveness of your role in creating and adding value to your organization, the people you work with, and yourself as well.  Learn how to truly connect with your team and drive the results your organization expects.

Lastly, I am on a mission to allocate and provide the best tools resources to help you become a more effective and efficient professional in your organization. But we don’t stop there, we also
created something unique. The Management Forum. No matter what the topic, from Starting and Managing your Businesses, Driving Results and Effective Leadership to Investing, Marketing and Quality Control. Here you can start collaborating with Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Managers from a variety of industries. I want to help you become an Effective Manager, Talented Entrepreneur and Leader. 

I want to encourage innovation and foster effective and efficient teams which become the backbone of successful organizations. 

Everyone is born with the opportunity to succeed. Those that don’t have simply given up because it was too hard. 

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