The 4 Biggest Lies Every Entrepreneur Is Told During Start-up

Every entrepreneurial venture or situation is different, but when it comes to starting a business, suddenly everyone seems to have an extra 2 cents (but the bucks stop there).

  1. “Sell, sell, sell.”

Every process is quickly becoming more automated, time is being saved and effort is starting to streamline. Your selling model should do the same: make people love your mission, and sells will drive themselves. 

Secret formula: take a stand for your company, for your employees, for your morals and start to value your people over your profit (don’t forget to provide a quality service/product, also).


2. “You need investors to build capital.”

No you do not. A lesson I have learned from Ashton Kutcher, “opportunity looks a lot like hard work,” explains that your entrepreneurial journey is like a diet — in order to obtain results, you have to follow a diet (your business plan) and hit the gym (put your ideas into motion). 

There are plenty of crowd-funding options, specialized grants, and opportunities to exchange sweat for sweet capital. 

3. “It’s not gonna’ be easy.”

Although not necessarily a lie, it is grotesquely understated. Robert Herjavec appeared in a recently published an article proclaiming the simple truth that a balanced social/work life is impossible in success. There will be times where the Super Bowl is lowly prioritized, or going out on a Friday night isn’t what you look forward to. 

Entrepreneurship is not easy, it’s like trying out for a professional sports team: the need exists, but your success is earned. Unless you can invent a new position, get ready to battle. 

4. “The big guys will squash you like a bug.”

Statements like this can be forewarned in every entrepreneurial scenario because, more than likely, your idea is not exactly revolutionary and has probably been somewhat explored before. However, rather than live in fear of industry giants, build a concept they cannot squish — build a concept they have to buy.

On ABC’s Shark Tank, Mark Cuban and his counterparts could skip multitudinous pitches because of gigantasophobia(the fear of giants). If your competitors are large enough to squash your business, they are large enough to purchase your business.

If someone’s ‘2 cents’ don’t pay your bills, tell them to keep it. “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life living like most people can’t,” but it seems the people who won’t always advise like they could — don’t worry about that.

Jagger Williams

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