Serve Before You Lead: 3 Benefits of Working Before Leading.

19 years of age, competing against candidates with more experience than I have years of life — here’s how I win.

  1. Large dumps of proclaimed ‘skills’ mean nothing. 

On resumes, candidates love to list out skills like a professional football roster. In truth, without the knowledge of how and when to apply a skill, your skills carry the importance of a ‘no underage drinking’ rule on a college campus. 

Develop a handful of strong skills rather than collecting them like Easter eggs. 

2. Learn from, and despite, your previous leaders. 

Young employees are incredibly critical of management efforts — which, if not constructive, means nothing. However, the audacity to criticize malpractice in management is excellent motivation to build and transcend that level of management when they, themselves, encounter leadership opportunities.

3. Distinguish a supervisor, or manager, from a leader.

Every job has supervisors, but very few employers are leaders. I remember a manager from whom I thrived on: everyday at work, no matter the circumstances, his calm, chipper demeanor subsequently altered my outside persona, as well as developed my work character. 

Leaders mold your ethics towards your next move, not manage you in your current position. 

When interviewing a potential employee, question three is always ‘have you had a manager who was so strong, they affected your personal life?’ Surprisingly, multitudinous ‘no’s’ directly follow. In high school, I was elated to earn my spot on the baseball team. Two years into it, poor coaching had robbed me of my love to play ball: a good/bad manager affects your teams morale, work ethic, and dedication — better pick a leader.

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