Lifestyle Redesign: The One Thing That Keeps Us Going — 500 Days In

Author: Dorene Wharton

There are days when Troy and I still can’t believe that we took the leap and moved to a new lifestyle, one that better suited us. We often forget how big — in fact, enormous — that leap was.

Today is 500 days into our Lifestyle Redesign.

Even 500 days into it, we are still wearing training wheels — learning day by day how to live and work in unfamiliar places, while creating new careers.

There were good and bad days, BELIEVE US (and there still continues to be).

Despite all that, life just feels lighter, easier and smoother now.

The ONE thing that made the biggest impact and kept us going:


 Our World Changers Blueprint — Mastermind Group (meeting in-person for the first time)
Our World Changers Blueprint — Mastermind Group (meeting in-person for the first time)


Specifically, it’s a new group of people; people that became our Mastermind Group.

What is a Mastermind Group?

By definition,it’s a meeting or gathering of motivated people who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve.

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Our Mastermind Group is called World Changers Blueprint.

– It’s a super-charged mastermind group, a group of 13 people consisting of:

  • 2 Awesome Aussie Coaches, with an uncanny knack of just knowing how to help, say the right things, and encourage and challenge us. Those two coaches are– Naz and Leah from the Connection Effect
  • 11 other “regular” people, like us who are working on their life and business goals.

What made this Mastermind Group work:

  • We didn’t know most of the people before — all new perspectives.
  • Their projects are completely different from our own.
  • Different businesses, goals and industries — but the differences don’t matter, it’s what brings new perspectives to our project.
  • We all share a common goal: to support and be supported.

How do our meetings run?

  • We connect regularly and virtually, as we live in different places, and most of us live in different countries. Despite our locations, we have a highly effective and highly functioning group.
  • Our meetings are video calls, done in the comforts of our own homes (or for us, our latest home-base) — It is our safe place to connect, share, learn, challenge, cry (sometimes) and get inspired by our wins.

Specific ways our Mastermind Group has helped us:

  • to get past our self-doubts about starting a new business (even at our age) and gaining confidence;
  • we built a whole new website with support and feedback from this group;
  • they challenged us on our priorities, which helped us win business with tourism companies;
  • they encouraged us to ask for help and connect authentically which resulted in working with some of the most rewarding business partners we have ever had;
  • and this is naming just a few reasons; there are so many more.

Because of this group we got the encouragement and help we needed.

That is why life feels lighter, easier, smoother as we ride through our new journey.

What have we learned the most from this group?

  • We are not alone in our fears, hopes, frustrations, and desires.
  • The results are always so much better when you can solve a problem with more than just one person.

How to find your own Mastermind Group

  1. World Changers Blueprint — This group has proven results for us, with a more focused, coach-lead approach. Lucky for you, World Changers has a new session starting this June. Details are found here.
  2. Live your Legend Meet Ups Around the World — This meet-up and community started the massive transformation in our lives. There aregroups all over the world of like-minded, change-seekers. Perhaps they are in your city too.

Our Toronto Live Your Legend Local group that we met with monthly throughout most of 2014

You are not alone, and everyone needs help to make change happen.

There are people everywhere in the world that can help, coach, inspire and support you, with whatever new life plan you want to make.

Just open yourself up to the possibility.

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