Learn to reinvent yourself

 It’s time to reinvent yourself.
It’s time to reinvent yourself.

Learning how to reinvent yourself is something that can save your life, boost your career, push you toward your goals, or save your relationships.

We all know change is inevitable. Change is difficult. Not changing is fatal. People that can not only handle change, but embrace it will be much better off. If you can change and adapt with the change of the world, you’ll never be the one on the outside looking in, wondering what happened and when it happened.

 Change is difficult. Not changing is fatal.
Change is difficult. Not changing is fatal.

Learning how to reinvent yourself will keep you from slipping through the cracks. Many people,(even people making over $350,000 a year) are projected to lose their jobs to automation by 2026. If they reinvent themselves, they won’t lose everything, they won’t slip through the cracks and into poverty. If all goes well, they’ll even find themselves in a position in which they can choose where the work next.

How to reinvent yourself

Now you know that reinvent yourself is essential to your success in all areas of your life, but how do you actually do it. To reinvent yourself, you need to take these 4 steps.

Find your vision for the future

First things first, you need a vision for who you want to be as a person. At the center of your business, your motivation, your ideas, or any innovation, is vision. There’s no change without vision, and there’s no progress without change. First you need a vision, because you have to know what you want to change before you can actually change. Without the change, you’ll never reinvent yourself, because there’s no progress without change. Remember, your vision is the driving force of the change, it’s an absolute necessity.

Surround yourself with reminders

 You need reminders!
You need reminders!

In order to make your vision a reality, in order for you to make that change, you have to surround yourself with all types of reminders of the change that you want to make. These reminders not only keep you from sliding back into your old habits, but it also provides extra motivation for the task at hand. Surrounding yourself keeps you protected from any outside influences, helping you focus on the change you want to make. There are many ways you can surround yourself with the reminders that you need. Write about it, have visual reminders around your living space, have someone that keeps you accountable. Surround yourself with anything that keeps you motivated and focused on the change you want to make in your life.

Break up your vision into workable tasks

Next, You have to break up your vision into tasks that you can actually cross off of your to-do lists. In this step, you turn your vision into something tangible( something that you can see, touch, or feel). In this step, you want to make your tasks as specific as possible. What your doing in each tasks needs to be clear as day. After you’re done with your list, schedule when you’ll do it. Then, all you have to do is commit to doing, taking it one step at a time.

Finish the tasks you’ve created for yourself

Finish Strong!

Now, you’re in the home stretch, you can see the finish line. It’s right there, if you reached far enough, you could touch it. Now, all you have to do is finish. Finish the tasks that you’ve created, one task at a time. This is when the actual work kicks in. That to-do list that you made earlier would be useless if you can’t actually cross everything off. If you mess up, or you get knocked down along the way, just dust yourself off and get up. Get up but never give up. Keep your eyes on the finish line and execute.

Author: Josiah Ross


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