AP 0616: What Tools Do You Use in Your Whiteboard Videos?

Today’s question comes from Pat, who asks about my explainer videos. What drawing program do I use? The pen/table tool that I use is Wacom Bamboo tablet (the exact model is no longer available; search Amazon for “Wacom tablet”). For…


How I Met The Greatest Co-Workers Ever (pt1)

THE Interview Question That Tells You (Almost) Everything

Let me take you back to 2012. It was year three for us in the managed security services team at Mandiant. We were in the middle of our monthly team all-hands. There were nearly 50 people in the room. We’d already covered most of the innovation and operational topics. Next up: financial check-in.

AP 0615: How Do I Quickly Bring in New Clients?

Today’s question comes from Jeremy, whose biggest client no longer needs his services. How can he quickly bring in new clients? In this episode, I discuss Upwork (http://upwork.com), Freelancer.com (http://freelancer.com), and Fiverr (http://fiverr.com), as well as my own videographer, Caleb…

Parker Stiles, Flipping Houses and Potential Trouble for Wholesalers | Episode 207

Today Matt is interviewing Epic Pro Academy member, Parker Stiles, about how his life has become an “Instagram dream” – working on the beach, doing what he loves, and making good money.  The two discuss why there is never a…