Poor Leadership Pisses Me Off

Rationale, reflection, and gratitude for my business and a quest to improve the state of leadership.

Throughout my management career at both Fortune 500, and regional companies, I encouraged direct reports and peers alike to stop deferring their dreams. Long a student of servant leadership, I always envisioned working in an organization that challenged and inspired those who were already good to become great. So I started one, founding Karl Bimshas Consulting in 2009, with the belief I could help people use their existing talents to find the aha within.

I knew then that accountability, coupled with the seemingly magical formula of vision, passion, and action could help optimistic and productive people, find creative solutions to their personal or professional problems.

I have always been troubled by the damaging effects that poor leadership, delivered either through intent or ignorance, inflicts on hardworking and well-meaning professionals. I have witnessed their mornings, filled with enthusiasm and hope, become reduced to disillusioned, disheartened and despondent husks of their former selves by late afternoon. In my career, I have experienced this from all angles. Sometimes I unwittingly subjected my direct reports to nonsensical management whim, for which I am still embarrassed. Other times, I was the unlucky recipient.

Regardless of the context, be it at work, home, in politics, or in self-management, poor leadership pisses me off. I have a visceral reaction to it. Simultaneously, lousy leadership in all its forms also inspires me to find ways to defeat it. As you may imagine, based on your own experiences in the world of which we live, this can be a stressful attitude to carry. However, I believe we have got to rout out lousy leadership wherever it roams.

When people proactively improve themselves, they also improve those they influence. Given enough time and mass, that influence can positively energize our nation and contribute to greater peace, prosperity, fun, understanding, responsibility, and liberty in the world.

I am proud that my company has been a candid resource for busy professionals who want to manage better and lead well. They have gained clarity on their purpose, values, and goals and have acquired skills that have increased their level of confidence and reduced or eliminated their instances of indecision, fear, and doubt. I operate on the assumption that people already carry the strengths they need, we just help them find the a-ha within. It is at the center of what we do.


Thank you to those who quietly read my words without comment, but whose positive actions speak volumes.

My clients invigorate me with their challenges and their determination. They help shape the direction of this firm.

My family, those who are here, and those who have departed, have provided generous support; financial, moral, and otherwise.

My children, who have encouraged me in lean times and kept me humble, as best as possible, and also “get” what I am trying to accomplish. They are a vital source of ideas, and provide questions that prompt me to put the foundations under the castles in the sky Thoreau has encouraged me to build.

I hope in some way my business or my writing has helped you build your castles in the sky. Running a business is tumultuous and thrilling for me. Thank you for your support. May you advance ever confidently in the direction of your dreams, help others along the way, and keep smiling.

Originally published at Karl Bimshas Consulting.

Author: KarlBimshas

Boston-bred and California-chilled Leadership Adviser | Writer. Helps busy professionals who want to manage better and lead well.

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