Expert System … What Have We Learned Through Natural Lack of Knowledge?

I discovered artificial intelligence, or AI, to be thoroughly interesting. As I continued my work, and broadened into other areas of understanding management and, eventually, remote watching, I started to discover some uncommon inconsistencies in the AI world and the desires to produce “really intelligent” and “believing” machines. That little idea of creativity still did not enable me to delve as deeply into the topic as I had wanted. It did bring up the concern: “exactly what is a soul?”

— What is AI?–.
AI is the science and engineering of making makers intelligent, particularly through the production of intelligent software. It resembles the task of using computer systems to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to restrict itself to techniques that are biologically observable. Intelligence is the computational part of the ability to define a strategy and accomplish objectives. Various types and levels of intelligence occur in individuals, animals, and some devices. However, the ultimate facility behind producing a smart machine is the ability to believe creatively, resolve issues utilizing abstract information, and develop new services.

— The Biological Parallel Computer–.
Consider the huge amount of details that we get and process every day. It is challenging to think that a lot details and activity could be stored in such a percentage of tissue and fluid. Scientists have actually been theorizing that, indeed, the mind is not as much of a storage device as it is a communications gadget to some bigger “knowledge base.” The mind appears to be a way to pre-process information for storage and a method to analyze data for use while all the time keeping a connection for data storage and acquisition with this knowledge base.
This knowledge base surrounds us with info and intelligence. Everything that every animal in deep space knows, and will ever know, is kept and offered for us by just asking for it. Nevertheless, accessing it requires a connection, a field, which links all of us together in a large “bio-circuit.” It can be viewed as a “biological parallel computing environment.” The information presented by this bio-circuit consists of a unlimited and accessible Universal source of knowledge.

— Why be innovative?–.
I remember my days in school where I was taught that, undoubtedly, daydreaming and excessive imagination might ruin your life. Nevertheless, the crucial thing that I found out along the way is that, without imagination, there can be no development. Creativity is a method to broaden one’s consciousness by taking abstract ideas and turning them into a brand-new realities. It is a way to take what you referred to as an absolute, and stretch it into the unknown. Each stretch takes you even more and broadens your absolutes along the method.
Without creativity, you would do the very same things that you’ve always done in life without ever moving forward or backward. When you think artistically, you’re taking things that you understand, using it to do things that you do not, and designing an option to attain a goal.
To access the vast resources of imagination, the mind reaches into the bio-circuit and extracts bits and pieces of details that it can utilize to produce intelligent services. By establishing your innovative abilities, you are opening that circuit to more knowledge, a greater intelligence, and a broader understanding of life.

— What is the soul anyway?–.
A discussion of creativity when again raises the concern of: “what is the soul?” After some idea and assessment, I would have to say that the soul is the link, the transceiver, between our real world and the bio-circuit. It is the living essence of everything within each of us.
By closing ourselves off into our own worlds and concealing our souls under the filth and mire of difficulties, we shut off our connection to the bio-circuit. Our soul basically dies and we become a stand-alone computer with just the understanding we have actually saved as our guide. By working to bring your soul forward and using your imagination in everything you do, you can get understanding from every part of the Universe.

— True AI–.
Researchers have tried to simulate the way the human brain functions. Storage, processing, self-learning, and intelligence are all elements of AI. What if the basic property of how the brain functions was– incorrect? Indeed, it supplies control over our bodies and accepts stimuli; however, exactly what if the concepts of processing, intelligence, storage, and self-learning all really based upon the connection of our minds with the bio-circuit. In this way, to produce an imitation of the human intellect, we should comprehend how we communicate with each other through the bio-circuit.

— What’s next?–.
What an unusual venture into weird territory. This has actually been a basic principle that has been eating at me for years. It wasn’t till I started remote viewing that I was able to see and apply the ideas of Universal intelligence to the ideas of expert system. I am not going to say that, in this context, a maker cannot have a soul, as complete stranger things have actually taken place. I will say that the real nature of intelligence will not be realized up until we comprehend and think the real function and function of the soul.

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