Benefits That Comes with AI Technology in the E-commerce

The e-commerce continues to grow at a meteoric rate with online sales accounting for 8.3 percent of all United States sales in 2016. The research firm, Forrester, predicted that the online sales in 2017 would amount to $459 billion, an increase of 4.3 percent from the previous year. To expand and contend for the e-commerce market, retailers have adopted the use of AI technology to create a deeply personal and highly curated online experience. The AI has aided in;

Sentient Ai– Content curation

Predictive analytics allows Instagram to surface and finesse recommendations specific to every user. Instagram has found a way of mining data from our interest and curiosities. With the collected data from various sources, they provide and feed clients with new things that they will follow, comment on, and like. Artificial intelligence has come in handy in content curation. Sifting through millions of accounts and collecting data while matching it with our interest, is far beyond human speed. The methodology of content curation applied by Instagram involves blending human and machine intelligence. The AI takes information from your social graph and sifts through a sea of content. As a result, it prioritizes the images to show first, and in most instances, they are those that get your attention.

Sentient AI- Efficient Sale Processes

Since the advent of the consumer-focused internet, the sales method have become more and more complicated. Today, buyers have turned to social media channels like Facebook for shopping inspiration. The development of AI has enabled brands to collect data and generate content that allows the consumers to uncover great products. Information fed to the AI at the North Face clothing retailer enables it to come with an efficient sale process through the scanning of weather patterns. Different seasons need different clothes. As a result, suggestions on the best type of cloth/jacket is made. Through these kinds of interfaces, businesses can create efficient sale processes that target the consumer experience.

Sentient AI– Visual Search

Though the designs are changing, the regular way in which customers use to find their desired products is through a text-based interface. Naturally, you type in a search box, and the website gives you a list that matches your description. However, what’s finding a place on the search platform is the Visual search. It is an AI-powered platform that evaluates the content of an image and searches for products that best matches it. Neiman Marcus adopts this tech and allows people to take pictures of real objects from which they get similar items from the company’s offering. The visual search is just among the many search options that come with the development of AIs.

Sentient AI- Voice Search

In addition to the visual realm, consumers are turning to voice search as they deem it to be simple. The AI technology is commonly used for Google search on mobile phones. However, shoppers have adopted the same technique in performing product searches. Voice search is currently popular with the voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. On Amazon, you can order products through the voice controlled devices, Echo and Echo Dot.

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