3 Tips To Awakening Your Greatness

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There are people that want to be successful some want to be great.

The greatness begins and ends with you. See, the more you look inward and listen to your inner voice, you start to take small steps into living your greatness. Your greatness is going to be with what is within you. Here are the 3 tips to awakening your greatness.


1. Be Aware of Your Gifts.

I hear people say that you shouldn’t do what you are gifted at. That is not true. You should do what you are gifted at granted you do it with discipline and constantly work on it.

That is how you grow as a person, that is where you have a shot at your greatness, because your gift is what is what is a seed to opening your greatness up to another level. Become aware of your gifts, and practice it daily, use it daily. Execute your gifts and start winning.

2. Become The Archetype.

No one, no matter what they do can be you. This means that you being yourself, is what helps you achieve your greatness. Yes, model successful people if you want to be successful.

Become the archetype. Don’t follow the follower. Lead the leaders. Be influential. But, you want to have your unique personality and unique self the way you do it to shine bright. There are many people that need your voice and your message to reach the masses in a positive way. Become the original.

3. Gain Some Haters.

Haters are very good for you. I know it doesn’t seem like it at first. It feels uncomfortable, but if you want to step int your greatness, you really need to start being yourself, get results, and gain some haters. The haters are not really there to hate you, but there to support you.

The more you have of them and the more you go forward with your big goals and big dreams the better your chance at reaching your greatness and reaching those big goals and dreams. If you don’t have haters, your going in the wrong direction and you might be headed towards mediocrity instead of greatness.

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