For Any Entrepreneur Ideas Are Things

I have to admit I still have some troubles coping with the idea that I get paid to share my ideas. Whether it’s giving a speech, working on an assignment for a client, mentoring a startup founder I have still some issues thinking that all I do is actually: gather and analyze information, process them according to my experience and knowledge, spit out an idea on how to solve this or that, or simply suggest a next step on the path to the solution.

What's standing between you and success?

I am nothing more than a processing algorithm with legs and emotions.

Based on the feedback I receive though it seems that my processing algorithm is valuable to someone and ultimately also valuable to me as I seem to be able to feed me and my family.

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What are ideas?

Very often I have said that ideas are cheap, implementation matters. However not all ideas are created equal because only few of them are worth implementing.

In my work as a mentor I hear a huge amount of ideas, some of them quite brilliant, most of them quite normal.

But the most important thing is always the next thing you are going to do. And that is where I believe that are ideas become things.: every time you decide what to do next your idea becomes a thing.

Ideas are like Legos

At every step in this journey the ideas stack one on top of each other like small LEGO blocks and you start building beautiful castles or horrible prisons.

That is how ideas mutate and compose one with another. That is why you can take an idea from the insurance business and apply it to the hotel business.

The combinatorial effect of ideas (like the one of Legos) paired with the mutation of ideas into things is the most powerful thing that the human brain has ever devised.

And that’s why I believe that at the end of the day it’s not so bad to be paid for my ideas. As long as I manage to convince someone to act upon those 🙂

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