The Magic of Discovering Your Potential

 [Seth Rader | Flickr | Modified]

[Seth Rader | Flickr | Modified]

The moment of discovering your potential, the one where it hits you like a semi going 70 mph on a country road, this is the magical moment I live for.

The man, in his mid-fifties sitting two seats to my left, threw his hands up in the air.

The Excel Instructor hadn’t even finished demonstrating how to manipulate a PivotTable when the man on my left let out an audible, “That’s how you do it!

This was the third or fourth time the man on my left reacted in this manner. I started to get annoyed.

For me, the “Advanced” Excel training course I signed up for turned out to be a refresher of what I learned back in 9th grade. (And still use on a daily basis. I’m pretty good at Excel.)

But for the man on my left, this was something so much more. This was his moment. The moment he discovered his potential.

How can I judge him for that?

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What’s Your Potential?

Whether you feel stuck, flat lined, or just plain unambitious, there is always a way forward. Or more importantly, a way up.

You, dear reader, were made for more.

I don’t care how optimistic I sound, so I will say it again:

You were made for more.

I’ve spent the last 5 years discovering I have more to offer this world. From starting a cooking blog, to creating a podcast, to writing a book, to starting a family, each step helped me to realize I have more potential than sitting at my nine-to-five.

That’s why I have to break free.

And you need to come with me.

I’m not advocating that you should quit your job. I’m not telling you to pour your life savings into your own startup.

I’m telling you to pause, take a beat, and recognize you have a greater potential. (No really, take a second. I’ll wait.)

What is it?

What do you believe you were made to do? What do you believe you were made to do this year? This month? Today?

Still struggling to discover your potential? That’s okay, I have some ideas for you.

4 Ways to Discover Your Potential

[ONE] Find Your People

Who do you want to serve? For me, it’s my family, obviously. But on a macro scale, it’s my Millennial family. We’ve been handed a messy world to clean up.

My people are those who feel they can’t contribute to the building of a better world. I want to show them they can.

I believe our potential (and our greater purpose) is in the service of others. Whether it’s a small or large community, there are people in this world that need you.

Find them.

[TWO] Pay Attention to the Opportunities

Focus on your skills and passions, but at the same time, pay more attention to the opportunities in front of you.

I’m the type of person who believes there are no coincidences in life. Therefore, everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes the opportunity in front of you may not seem like the right path, but it may be the Universe helping you to discover your potential.

Take the hint, and go after it.

[THREE] Reflect

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle.

Take time daily or weekly to reflect on what you’ve been able to accomplish thus far. Extrapolate this trajectory to visualize where you are headed, and write this down!

The past is our only compass for the future.

[FOUR] Buy my Book Surround Yourself with Value

Surround yourself with resources and people who will add value to your life and help unveil what you don’t know or didn’t know is possible.

Just like the guy from the Excel course, recognize that life-long learning is essential to your journey.

Why Not Discover Your Potential?

It’s sad how much human potential is wasted away. Forget global warming, we have a new global crisis on our hands.

If you’re still unconvinced you don’t have the potential to reach a higher version of yourself, I probably can’t convince you through these words.

But I can challenge you with one simple question: Why not discover your potential?

What do you have to lose?

Author: Declan Wilson

Founder of I help people uncover their untapped potential. Writer, blogger, father, husband & corporate dropout.

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