4 reasons why leadership engagement matters

It may seem like Thoughtful Leaders need to be self-sacrificing and focused solely on their teams. While this is partly true, we should never lose sight of ourselves during this process. Failing to monitor our own wellbeing will only result in burnout and unhappiness.


AP 0986: What is a Good Members-Only WordPress Plugin?

Today’s question comes from Paul, who asks if I know any good members-only WordPress plugins. Also, what are some added-value items he can give to his community? Paul’s website is https://www.recoveryelevator.com/. In this episode I mention my book, Will It…

Keeping Meetings Short

Long meetings are a pain. Let’s make them shorter. Here are the tools that sociocracy has to offer.

Avoid large groups

We avoid large groups. Hearing from everyone takes too long, and we cannot deliberate — which is the goal of getting together as a team.

AP 0985: Can I Get My Relaunched Podcast into New and Noteworthy?

Today, Amy has a question about podcasting. She’s about to relaunch her podcast—is there a way to get into the New and Noteworthy section on iTunes when she does? Amy’s website is http://makermama.com/. In this episode, I mention my new…