How To Set And Manage Your Expectations

What you should know about Setting and Managing Your Expectations.

“A manager is not a person who can do the work better than his men; he is a person that can get his men to the work better than he can”  – Frederick Smith Founder and CEO of FedEx

To start this off, I found this quote from Frederick Smith displayed a great example of what a manager should be. As we all know one person cannot operate a company by themselves and it takes managers at all levels to influence and motivate their teams in order for the organization to increase performance. They do this by setting and managing their expectations, also known as Expectation Management.

There are two sides to Expectation Management. Setting it and then managing or controlling it. 

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Great managers spend ample time developing and setting the expectation with their teams. Setting the expectation is a must if you want to maximize the performance out of your team. Organizations set their expectations for the company by informing all employees of the standardized company goals, objectives and vision/mission statement. Some of this information, of course, is at a need to know basis, depending on level of management. 

Without clearly defining the guidelines of the company’s objective, their plan will either fail or not achieve its expected results or returns. When setting the expectation, the leader must clearly define their goals and should write them down in most cases and distribute to the team either in the form of a communication email or employee handbook.

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The manager should also seek understanding of their goals or the goals assigned to them in order to regularly educate and reinforce them to their team or company. This is called Managing or controlling your expectation. Management does this to ensure progress and performance standards are being met. Managers do this by checking performance metrics, coaching associates, and by creating innovative solutions to problems that stand in the way of success. If behaviors exist that negatively affect the progress or performance, the coaching or corrective action maybe necessary.

By setting the expectation and managing it, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals and Managers create alignment between their teams and the vision or goals of the company. Expectation Management will always lead to positive growth in any industry and should be implemented by every organization.

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