From Employee To Entrepreneur: 5 Steps To Get You Started!

The very first time I left my job to start an entrepreneurial endeavor, I was all set. I had money and a business plan. What else did I need, I thought? I gave notification to my employer and to my surprise, fear set in instantly. I didn’t leave my job … that time. I recognized that while I prepared externally, I didn’t prepare internally– emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually– for this life transition.

Nearly nine years have passed because I left my job and started my endeavor as a business owner. I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a procedure– it resembles building and after that, crossing a bridge. I’ve likewise learned that entrepreneurship occurs “within” a person– it is not always about leaving a job, however rather about living a life of fulfillment. Entrepreneurial thinking and living takes time, energy, tools, and action. Here are some concepts that have shown to be useful to my customers in making the shift to entrepreneurial thinking and living.

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Do Something Different Every Day

The function of this exercise is just to get your mind accustomed to new experiences on a routine basis. Part of being human is that we develop patterns and are comfy with routines. By doing something different every day, the mind becomes familiar with alternative and brand-new experiences. I gave one of my clients this workout as part of her “homework;” she came back a week later and said, “The research assignment that I thought was going to be the easiest (doing something various every day) turned out to be the hardest.” Sometimes, we are required to practice integrating change into our lives. Here are some concepts to start with: Walk your dog on the other side of the street; valet park if you never ever valet; order something different at a dining establishment; get up 1/2 hour earlier than you normally would. Originality will come to you when you’re devoted to doing brand-new things on a regular basis.

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Examine your Belief System

This is a huge one for both new and knowledgeable business owners. What are your beliefs, especially about cash? A number of the clients I work with have developed new beliefs about money since the old belief system no longer serves them. The best example I have is about a client who has a for-profit and a non-profit organization.

Her non-profit organization raises money for homeless kids in Brazil. When she assessed her belief system, she understood that her old beliefs blocked the circulation of money to her, which in effect, obstructed the circulation of cash to the kids she was helping in Brazil. She re-designed her belief system and now experiences higher monetary success in both her organizations.

Write down your wildest dreams

We can develop what we can imagine. After doing something different every day for about ten days, new ideas will start to flow to you. Imaginations will slip in from everywhere, so do your best to write them down when you can. By capturing them on paper, you start to develop new ideas and can then decide in which “dreams” to invest.

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Affirm, Affirm, Affirm …

Affirm yourself, affirm your goals, and affirm your vision and dreams. Miracles happen in this manner. I worked with a client who was frustrated with his job; each time he returned for business counseling, he would share a similar aggravation. One day I asked him exactly what he really desired to be doing with his life and he said, without thinking twice, “I wish to work and live in Italy.” I asked him, “Why aren’t you there, then?” He shared the feelings that were “blocking” him from doing what he desired. From that point on, he and I dealt with producing affirmations to assist him attaining his objective. He left for Italy 6 weeks later proving that affirmations work.

Enjoy The Ride

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster and has many highs and lows both physically and emotionally. Enjoy the ride, delight in the procedure, attain what you want, and become who you truly are!

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