[Infographic] How to Create Engaging Content: 6 Steps to Follow

Developing content is tough, however developing content that can engage your readers is a lot more tougher. In a study performed by Moz and Buzzsumo, as much as 75% of the million online posts they analyzed were not engaging material, which is worrying when you keep in mind that absence of engagement means you fail in creating transformation that will convert your readers into leads or sales.

The response to this problem, nevertheless, does not rely on making a growing number of content pieces and hoping that a few of them resonates with your audience– it’s about making more content that are high quality and engaging— something that your audience would be truly thinking about and would offer them exactly what they actually need to know.

How do you create content that can effectively grab the attention of your audience and make them desire to engage with your content– and by extension, your business? Find out now with this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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