7 Signs You Work For An Out Of Control Company

Every company had their pros and cons to working for them. Some offer benefits some don’t, some offer great pay some offer adequate pay. However, if you see any of these 7 signs below demonstrated in the company you work for it may be time to rewrite the resumé.

1. Management “Shoots the Messenger” – Here employees feel that their careers will be in jeopardy if they speak their mind or voice their opinions. I have heard one to many stories about how some employees cannot express themselves because of how they will be viewed. Many times these issues need to involve Human Resources but the employees are made to feel that there will be repercussions for reaching out for help when they feel management is not being supportive. Management should encourage employees to speak up because it will increase creative ideas, confidence, and more importantly trust.

2. Lack of Ethics in the Organizational Culture – The company managers have not internalized and committed to integrity as a whole. Integrity must exist at all levels of the organization structured with control systems in place such as ethics training to increase alignment throughout. Your people need to KNOW that you will do the right thing even when no one is looking and that you will stick up for them when they are being treated unfairly or unethically by both follow colleagues or customers.

3. Absence of Policies – The firm’s expectations are not established in writing. It is imperative that all organizations develop and write down their policies. Policies are like the Law and helps to govern all individuals inside the company. This keeps checks and balances on everyone. Not only should they be written down but distributed to all employees and if they are policies for customers, they should be posted in plain view or your website.

4. Lax Management – Executive team or senior management do not emphasize the value of need of controls in the work place or set a bad example. This is the worst. We all have examples of managers we have worked for that do not enforce the policies set in place by the company or they do not reflect them in the workplace themselves. If you have a Lax Management Staff, it is likely you will get nothing done.

5. Lack of Agreed Upon Standards – No one knows what needs to be achieved in the company. If you have no standards then you have no goals worth achieving. It’s hard to set the bar with no expectation management.

6. Lack of Periodic Reviews – Management does not asses performance of their associates in a regular and timely manner. everyone wants to know how they are doing. It is very important that you let your people know how they are doing on a consistent basis whether through monthly, quarterly or annual reviews. I think quarterly may be the best time frame due to the time frame of which you are reviewed lines up with how companies view their performance results. Reviews help people grow and let them know you care about their progress in the workplace.

7. Bad Information Systems – Key data is not measured or reported in a timely and easily accessible manner. In today’s fast paced, technological world, having modern information systems is key for analyzing data quickly and efficiently to help guide the organizations progress. If you have out dated systems you may be getting inaccurate data that leads to questionable decision making by the company.

All of these reasons lead to lack of production and progress in the workplace due to no controls being implemented in the workplace. Because of the lack of control, employees are more likely to waste time ultimately costing companies in the United States billions of dollars annually. Don’t waste money, you work hard for it.

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