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Giving Employees a Seat on the Board is the Ultimate Form of Recognition

What was the German secret that made them economic powerhouse and a country to repeatedly recover the fastest from global economic downturns?
It is called Mitbestimmung and it’s all about empowering employees to have a voice and an active role in the management of companies.

Major Advertisers Shifting Dollars from Digital to TV

JP Morgan Chase is retreating on its digital ad placements. Instead, they will take dollars and move them back to television. That’s big news in advertising circle. The company has a $5 billion marketing budget. Perhaps it’s the logical outcome…

The Peak Work Experience!

A question that I’ll ask my students in “Selective Hiring” goes something like this, “Given that the two candidates are equal in every way except one: one is coming off a tremendous win (a peak work experience) and the other is coming off a major failure (a valley work experience) which one do you hire?”

1 Tip to Using Social Media to Accelerate Language Acquisition

Nowadays, our ability to set time aside to focus on one thing at a time is becoming less and less practical. We are constantly distracted by work, friends, social media, etc. I have found that finding creative ways to combine interests is a great way to maximize your efficiency throughout the day in order to feel accomplished on all of your goals.

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