Blockchain’s trillion dollar forecast

Blockchain’s trillion dollar forecast  presents amazing stock market opportunities USA, LLC

It was a decade ago when people were introduced to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Both were scrutinized for being shady, with some going as far as calling it a scam. There are many who are still not convinced with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the same can’t be said about blockchain technology.

Bitcoin wouldn’t be what it is today without the technology it runs through — blockchain technology. Widely regarded as the future of modern systems, it sets out to disrupt various sectors by providing decentralized public ledgers for people to access. Not only does the technology present a good future for various industries, it also presents an amazing opportunity for stock market investors.

CNBC reports that certain market analysts are confident that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in the next few years. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves says that the market for the technology will grow by $10 trillion in the next 15 years. Steves adds that the growth will be caused by using the technology to create decentralized systems and open-source software.

As Steves puts it, blockchain is being used to build a “world computer” which could value in trillions.

The leading use for blockchain is still for the processing of cryptocurrency transactions and other monetary cases, but countless others are applying it to various fields now. Coindesk reports that the technology is also used as a system of record like smart contracts, audit trails, and inter-organizational data management.

The potential of blockchain is immeasurable as companies are already beginning to look into it recently. Its value on the stock market is expected to soar, and it should be no surprise that stock market analysts are keeping a close eye on some stocks based on blockchain including Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:BLKCF, TSXV:BLOC).

Investing in the blockchain investor

Seeing the potential of the market, Ethereum co-founder, Steven Nerayoff, decided to turn Carrus Capital Corporation into Global Blockchain Technologies in October 2017. The company is now focused on providing blockchain startups with a means to fully grow through investors and incubator programs.

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 Investing in blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies.
Investing in blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies.

The company gives investors the opportunity to be a part of various assets in the blockchain space that have shown amazing potential for market growth. These companies under the wing of Global Blockchain are given the chance to propel to greater heights through an in-house incubator program. USA, LLC

Global Blockchain Technologies is one of the blockchain stocks to watch out for because it carries a unique approach to the technology. Investors of Global Blockchain should know very well that the company makes use of a few strategies to fully grow on the stock market.


Using blockchain technology, the company bypasses many traditional middlemen such as banks and hedge funds. It provides investors the exposure to the growing sector of blockchain transactions. The risks are minimized by investing in various cryptocurrency and blockchain funds. It is actually the old strategy of having diversified portfolios.


Another strategy of the company as an incubator is to choose at least 12 cryptocurrency tokens that it will then incubate. In exchange for the services, BLOC takes equity shares and dividend from the tokens of the founders.

Leverage USA, LLC

In several instances, investors can only have early access to the value of the tokens if they invest in BLOC directly. The company has in-depth knowledge of the token market. This is all about leveraging. For instance, the value of the Ethereum cryptocurrency ballooned to 94,000 percent since it was launched. Nerayoff also intuitively designed the crowdsale of Ethereum, which raised the necessary fund for the project.

Small-cap tokens

BLOC focuses more on small-cap tokens with great potentials. Some of the smaller coins with great ROIs include Verge with a market cap of $864 million but produced an ROI amounting to 203,049 percent. The average ROI for the top 10 small-cap tokens is in excess of 30,000 percent.

Investing in a blockchain stock could pay off greatly as the market continues to soar with the help of companies that support the technology. The field is already filled to the brim with tough competition, but Global Blockchain Technologies easily stands out with their carefully structured strategy that gets the most out of the emerging technology.

Author: Arturo Garcia


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