Breakthrough Skin Care Company, Just Pure Essentials, Takes Another Prestigious Award From Industry Giants


Breakthrough Skin Care Company, Just Pure Essentials, Takes Another Prestigious Award From Industry Giants

Vegan organic skincare company, Just Pure Essentials, wins another battle with beauty industry moguls for its plant based excellence and stringent principles by winning another Beauty & Body Award for ‘Best Serum of 2018’.

 — The competition is fierce in the beauty industry. As the public becomes more concerned about what they are putting on their skin, they are choosing to purchase healthier alternatives. This has spurred the explosion of hundreds of new skincare products onto the market, all claiming to be natural and good for you.

The disconcerting truth is that the majority of these products are far from honest when it comes to the purity of their formulas. They might use some trendy plant based ingredients, but continue to use other agents that can be toxic, known to cause cancer and endocrine disruption, and preservatives that irritate and dry out the skin.

But Just Pure Essentials is not your status quo privately owned skincare company. They are proving that their strict adherence to honest, health based principles, even on a startup budget, can prevail over the billions of marketing dollars the competition spends to woo customers. Successfully creating 100% pure, award winning, plant based formulas for four years now, they are one of the rare companies that stay true to the highest standards. They refuse to use anything artificial, no chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, alcohols or cheap fillers. The company also takes their standards a notch higher by refusing to use any ingredient that is not edible or safe to ingest, ensuring bio-compatibility for even the most sensitive of skin and the pickiest of customers. Just Pure’s unique products are also water free which means purity of ingredients without needing a preservative system. To the customer this means a silky, potent formula; using only luxurious cold pressed oils, essentials oils, whole herbs and earth-based ingredients for glowing, gorgeous skin for all ages and skin types.

Delicious Living, and its parent company New Hope Network, has been a trusted voice online and in print for over 30 years in the natural living community, helping the public connect with responsible companies that make healthy living achievable, sustainable, and fun. Every year they host their nationwide ‘Best of Beauty & Body’ Awards to discover, review and award the top products in the Natural Health Industry. In 2016 they awarded Just Pure Essentials the prestigious award of ‘Breakthrough Company’ for its superb formulas and eco-conscious manufacturing.

This year Just Pure Essentials won Delicious Living’s ‘Best Serum of 2018’ for its Cleansing Brightening Revitalizing Skin Renewal Serum, REVIVE, by naturally resolving the concerns of dull aging skin, sun damage, and chemicals in skincare. REVIVE is a gentle all-natural alternative to Retin A, or Retinol, without the health risks. REVIVE has active herb ingredients like Ashwaghanda, Ginseng and Gotu Kola to stimulate new cell growth and slough off the top layer of dead skin, following up with Ginger and Lemon to essentially lighten hyperpigmentation in the skin due to sun overexposure and aging. Easy to use and gentle, REVIVE is a great choice for those who want results but tend to be sensitive to harsh, artificial ingredients.
“REVIVE works beautifully and smells divinely of fresh Ginger. We have many customers who are obsessed with how great the product works on keeping their skin looking bright and more youthful naturally.” adds Laura Stearn, Founder of Just Pure Essentials.

Another prominent voice in the Natural Health Industry is Taste For Life, a publication also serving the industry and public with information and current news. Just Pure Essentials came home with several Taste For Life awards for excellence such as ‘Best Face Care 2017’ with its Multi-Vitamin Lipoic Serum, ENRICH, and ‘Best Women’s Wellness Product 2015’ for its edible sensual pleasure massage oil line, JUST Love.

Delicious Living’s and Taste For Life’s reasons for awarding Just Pure Essentials on more than just a couple occasions is also based on the facts that Just Pure is socially responsible with charitable contributions back to the community, practicing sustainable eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging guidelines and maintaining product pricing that is fair and affordable for the public.

“There is a major conscious shift happening in the world,’ comments Laura. “Cleaning up our environment, lifestyles and nutrition by limiting our exposure to harmful toxins is extremely important. Our mission at Just Pure Essentials is to bring healthy alternatives to market, happiness and vitality to our customers, and at the same time making this planet a better place. We are proud that we are doing our part to leave a lighter footprint. Yes, it feels really good to be recognized for our excellence, but we would stick to our high standards regardless of the accolades.”

Just Pure Essentials can be found on-line at and in stores like the Erewhon chain in Los Angeles and other Natural Health stores nationwide.

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