Benefits That Comes with AI Technology in the E-commerce

The e-commerce continues to grow at a meteoric rate with online sales accounting for 8.3 percent of all United States sales in 2016. The research firm, Forrester, predicted that the online sales in 2017 would amount to $459 billion, an increase of 4.3 percent from the previous year. To expand and contend for the e-commerce market, retailers have adopted the use of AI technology to create a deeply personal and highly curated online experience. The AI has aided in;

Expert System … What Have We Learned Through Natural Lack of Knowledge?

I discovered artificial intelligence, or AI, to be thoroughly interesting. As I continued my work, and broadened into other areas of understanding management and, eventually, remote watching, I started to discover some uncommon inconsistencies in the AI world and the desires to produce “really intelligent” and “believing” machines.