5 Tricks for Running an Effective Management Huddle

As with any business meeting, meetings where you gather you management team together to make key decisions on the fate of the business should be run as efficiently and effectively as possible if you want to produce quality decisions, incite active engagement from your team, and create opportunities for impactful innovations and pivot points to your current strategy.

Why I love Being Rejected. And You Should Too.

To pull my socks up after a defeat isn’t the only thing I’ve learned from my Literature teacher. She also taught me to love being rejected. That wasn’t her intention though. She was just doubtful about my potential.

Millennials are selfish, and so are the leaders who complain about them

Recently, I came across this article about Gen-Y (millennials) in the workplace. It was fairly typical in that the general point of view it conveyed was that millennials are selfish, entitled and out for themselves. When instead, they should be more grateful for opportunities and have more patience when it comes to their development.

What Type of Leader are You?

You are a leader if somebody is following you. This might be as easy as one individual enjoying you and following your example and motivation, to being a leader in your house, your neighborhood, your office and even your country.