The Next Workforce

Tell us about Gigster and how the idea came to you. We started Gigster about five years ago. Every executive is interested in digital transformation, but they don’t necessarily have the resources they need to make it happen. We wanted… The World Needs Your Long Game

When I started Domo, there wasn’t any lack of advice on where to take the company. Most of the guidance was to make a product that was “the same but different,” a better version of something that people already knew… A Cut Above the Rest

And she had an idea. There were two trends she’d noticed: First, women struggle to find enough time in their lives to get everything done. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, college students with early classes—they’re all struggling to get back every…

5 Tricks for Running an Effective Management Huddle

As with any business meeting, meetings where you gather you management team together to make key decisions on the fate of the business should be run as efficiently and effectively as possible if you want to produce quality decisions, incite active engagement from your team, and create opportunities for impactful innovations and pivot points to your current strategy. Jay Brown

The makings of an artist. Today, Roc Nation represents some of the biggest names in music—massive names, in fact—with one of the biggest of them all, Jay-Z, at the helm. To say they’ve been successful at creating incredibly impactful artists…