Why Finding Your Purpose Trumps Chasing Your Passion

It was 2009 and I was bored. Bored and frustrated.

As the new bright-eyed and busy-tailed Social Media Program Coordinator for a non-profit, I found myself staring out the window most days, wishing I was at the beach. My manager resented me for taking her “smart young lady” role in the office — and despite my title, my CEO didn’t understand what social media even was.

The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving a Conference

What could be worse for an introvert than the thought of attending a conference packed with hundreds, or even thousands of others, and having to interact with them on top of it all?

Your Game Plan to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

Once you stop growing, that is when you start dying. Each day, you either become an improved version of yourself, or you take steps backwards and regress to a prior state. We don’t really see these changes throughout each day we live. Instead, we notice subtleties within weeks, change within months and results within years. These are either for the better or the worse.