Here Is Why Netflix Is A Brand And Its Competitors Are Just Another Streaming Company.

It all starts with passion and then continiues with strategy and preparation. The first, often lacked by market followers, is always present in innovators. In this article I will particularly talk about Netflix and their remarkable success story and why Netflix dominates the movie streaming market.

1 Tip to Using Social Media to Accelerate Language Acquisition

Nowadays, our ability to set time aside to focus on one thing at a time is becoming less and less practical. We are constantly distracted by work, friends, social media, etc. I have found that finding creative ways to combine interests is a great way to maximize your efficiency throughout the day in order to feel accomplished on all of your goals.

[Infographic] The Rise of Social Media Customer Care

Customer care is an integral part of every business’s success. Customer service is a way of building a better relationship with your customers, thus increasing the opportunities for a positive impact on sales and customer loyalty.

What is the Future of All Messengers and Where are They Going?

Millions of people use messengers daily. But there are so many such apps out there that we as users often feel overwhelmed. It all started with ICQ, the very first chat that we all had on our computers. Like with many other products, at some point its evolution slowed down, and it got replaced by Skype mainly. Skype was way cooler than ICQ, that’s why a lot of people migrated to it. Then appeared Viber which was lighter than Skype and worked better on mobile than Skype did. And guess what? A whole lot of messaging apps appeared afterward.