Entrepreneur: My Book and Baby Are Due the Same Day! Follow Along on My Journey – Let the Revisions Begin

Jessica gets back the copyeditor’s queries.


Entrepreneur: Are We Headed for a Stock Market Crash in 2018?

Though the stock market has had a few jitters lately, it’s overall strength has been unprecedented, soaring past record after record in its continual upward climb. However, no matter how strong a bull market is, it must come down eventually. In this video, Phil Town discusses the few reasons why he feels the stock market could be heading for tough times in the not-so-distant future.

Entrepreneur: LCL Season 4 EP2: How to Build a Fitness Empire with Kayla Itsines & Tobi Pearce

Kayla Itsines went from training clients in her moms backyard to now traveling the world having bootcamps in sold out stadiums! She has been tranforming womens lives with her Beach Body Guide and has accumalted over 35 million followers. Her app Sweat which she co-founded with her Fiancé is in pace to make over $100 Million Dollars in sales this year. Episode 2 of Season 4 “Leaders Create Leaders.” Gerard Adams sits down to discuss what it takes to build a fitness empire with the power couple, Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce.

Entrepreneur: Success Tips for Young and Aspiring Real Estate Agents

Just because you’re young and inexperienced in your field doesn’t mean you need to wait for permission to become tremendous and perform tactics that over time will gain you invaluable experience & results. My advice to Joey Gaines, a new Real Estate Agent in Indiana, at Agent2021 by VaynerMedia earlier this year was to apply his newfound social media marketing knowledge immediately and in turn teach his older, more experienced leadership which doesn’t understand online marketing.