Do You Have What It Takes To Effectively Lead?

Many people think they can play the role as a leader and a manager. This is not the case. Being a Leader and a Manager, a great one at that, takes understanding and experience. A good mentor is also just as effective. It is important to know the many roles you will face as a manager if you’re a new-timer or even as refreshment to those with many years of experience. While there are many things you can teach as a manager something’s come more natural. Your interpersonal roles is arguable the most important role as you will be a Leader, a Liaison and a Figurehead to your people. As a leader you will be staffing training and motivating people. Role secondary role as a Liaison will be create and maintain a network of contacts outside your business that will provide you will information or favors. Networking is huge in business, its about who you know and who can help you get to where you want to be. As a Figurehead, you will become the center of influence to your people and will also have you performing symbolic duties such as presenting awards or anything legal required. 

Your second role as a manager will be an informative role. In this role you will monitor your surroundings, disseminate information and be a spokesperson.  Monitoring your surroundings is an interesting topic. Many times I notice that managers keep their head down or often make themselves unavailable to their staff and customers. Look up and you would be surprised how much the scenery changes. Monitoring is also seeking out information to develop a better understanding of your company and the market it is in. Here you become the never center of all things communication. No matter what level you are at you will always have to be a disseminator and relay information from your boss to your people on the front lines. But you cannot just simply pass out information. Most information needs to be elaborated to your audience with examples and explanation. Very rarely can you deliver an effective message without following though to see if it was remembered. As a Spokesperson for your organization and of your people you will find a need to communicate planes, policies, actions and results to your team. Important to remember that not all information is good and you have to tell people the bad news too to help them grow, however all bad news can be turned into an opportunity for success with some positivity.

Lastly, the role that sets good managers from the best managers is the role of decision-making. This role is all about being an Entrepreneur, an Disturbance handler, allocator of resources and best of all a negotiator. Many people dream of starting their own business and owning their own companies. But if you never stop talking about it you will never become the first part of this role. Being an Entrepreneur, the undying search for new business opportunities to create new organizations that create new markets and bring change to the world. But you can’t be a great manager either without being able to keep the peace. You will work with many different people in your life or many people will work for you, however you look at it, you need to have the gusto to take corrective action during moments of crises for your company or behavioral issues amongst team members.  Your abilities to allocate resources to your business in the form of monetary funding, and people will help guide you into making organizational decisions.  Negotiation. The best example of decision making, because it happens in real-time and whose outcome the parties in the negotiation directly affect. This is how you grow your business and close deals with customers and sell yourself to your team.

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