Driving Results is Easy, When You Know Where to Start

We have all heard the saying “The only thing constant is change,” but do we really understand that saying and implement it in our daily lives? Truthfully, we don’t, but we should. There are many reasons why people and organizations change. Most people change to adapt to their work or relational environment. To become adaptable allows you to handle different scenarios based upon the situation that is presented, being able to find solutions on the fly. If you do not become adaptable or open yourself to change then you or your organization will become irrelevant and easily replaced by a new comer.

Today we will focus on how to change your results or the results of your business. In business, older generations have a hard time with change, they are so used to doing a things a certain way because it used to work. But then they find themselves scratching their heads when all their customers or associates slowly dissipate and are absorbed by their competitors. They believe doing things they way they have always done things will work and its just a phase. This is their experience. But humanity in general has come a long way from this time and has changed immensely that they way we do business must also change. Thinking you do not have to change is the wrong way to think. This way of thought will leave you behind. Companies are starting to realize or accept the social era. Information is in real time and people crave interaction in a new way, through a digital platform. There are companies that excel in this and use social media as the number one way to market or attract new customers as well as increase their organization’s customer retention. Telephone conversations are going away, and it has been replaced with text messages , social media posts, video chat, and online conferences and more. But let’s not get off topic.

In a business I worked for, I had to manage a lot of change, something I had no real experience or training in, until I lived it for 6 years. Over my tenure I learned some valuable lessons that I will always carry with me about how to change the results I was getting and after I learned how simple it was, the doors opened up and driving results because almost effortless. Well, maybe not effortless, but easier because it takes a lot of time and coaching to change someone’s foundation.

There are four steps to driving results from a team or from yourself. It is important to understand that you cannot go just straight to the results and expect them to change just because you want them to. You can’t say do it this way without teaching the why. You can’t change someone’s beliefs just because you say do it this way and believe in it. You simply cannot change one’s actions without changing their beliefs. Now that I got you mixed up, let’s set it straight.

The four steps to drive the results you are looking for are:

  1. Results
  2. Actions
  3. Beliefs
  4. Experiences

Now you are probably thinking, well I thought you can’t start at changing results without changing something else, so why is results #1 on the list? Results are number one on the list because that is your goal. Your #1 goal is to change the results you are getting, but this takes creating a new foundation or changing an old one. Let’s look at the foundation you need to build in order to get to your results. Below is the results pyramid. I don’t know who created this but whoever you are you get the credit.This is the results pyramid. I hope by now things are starting to make sense. You start to climb a pyramid from the bottom not the top, so it makes sense that the foundation for changing your results starts at the experiences. It’s impossible to change someone’s results without changing their actions. It is impossible to change someone’s actions…without changing their beliefs. It is impossible to change someone’s beliefs…. if you start by trying to change their beliefs. Beliefs are created over time from someone’s experiences. Experiences are created by how life has interacted with the individual. How family and relationship experiences, social experiences, job experience, management experiences, and other life experiences have shaped and molded a person into who they are today. That is the big picture. By definition experience is a practical contact with and observation of fact and events.

Now you don’t need to think such a big picture when trying to change your result because you need to remember that you are not trying to change a person or an organization entirely.  Simply changing behaviors is sufficient. You need to look situational. Why does this associate work or behave this way? How come they do not sell this product? How does this individual excel in the manner they do? It all boils down to experience.

Experiences are what shape our beliefs, and what we believe in drives our actions. Quick example, coming from retail we sold insurance on products. Some associates had high attachment rates; others did not even though they were selling the same product. So I asked both parties what their experiences we with selling the product. High attaching sales associates said that they believed in the product because they have seen someone use the insurance and saw how beneficial it was to them. The latter stated, “No one wants to buy it.” See already how experience is the foundation in both situations. This is where coaching has its biggest benefit as this is where you correct behaviors and create new experiences to drive new results from.

Experiences foster our beliefs, which drive our actions. We do what we believe in. Our actions are what drive our results. As you can see everything else is self-explanatory and it comes down to knowing where to start driving change in the results you what. Remember that if you want to change your results, you need to change your experiences first.

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