Effective Ways To Increase Brand Exposure And Bring Customers To Your Business

Manager Mint Media offers some of the most effective solutions for business looking to increase their exposure, drive more traffic, and offer more products to their customers.

One of the biggest obstacles in business today is getting your brand or product noticed. Businesses are popping up everywhere, as new entrepreneurs look to find their ways into the gaps of any market they can. It is easy to get buried in the competition. In fact a recent study shows that two-thirds of new businesses survive the first two years but only one-third will survive to ten years. Exposure is the one thing that every business is looking for to survive but it comes at a premium. With most social media ads being ineffective, it can be a scary outlook for business owners as they look for more effective ways get their name out their and to reach customers. This is especially difficult for startups or small businesses with low marketing budgets.

Manager Mint Media’s expertise in business exposure helps businesses generate more revenue. Their unique approach allows businesses to leverage their domain traffic as their own by allowing them to create their own customizable profile. In this profile, a company or even a professional creating a personal profile, can add a variety of information along with links and contact information to their own website.

Premium members see several added bonuses. Premium members can experience a social aspect to the platform as they are allowed to post in their own feed, view others member’s feeds and sent direct private messages to one another without any messaging caps. Along with this, Premium members are allowed to submit guest posts to be featured on Manager Mint Media’s main article feed. With the Guest Posting feature along with the customizable profile, a company can leverage Manager Mint Media’s domain by creating a variety of much needed backlinks on an authoritative site. This helps boost their own website’s authority and search engine rankings. Backlinks are also known as inbound links which are links directed towards your website and are the foundation for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. The quantity of backlinks a website has is a determining factor for search engines on its popularity or importance.

Manager Mint Media delivers further on their promise to increase a business’s exposure, whether it is promoting the brand, a product or a service, but offering professionally written and distributed press release’s that reach millions of viewers on hundreds of high authority sites. When companies take advantage of this service their search rankings soar due to the hundreds of newly created backlinks pointing back to their site. Businesses or marketing agencies looking to resell Manager Mint’s Press Release service have the ability for substantial savings when utilizing the agency options.

Manager Mint Media makes it easy for companies to get discovered and get their products or services in front of millions of people and on hundreds on high authority news sites. This service can also be a massive benefit for those in need of raising funds on sites such as Kickstarter.

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