Embracing The Benefits Of Alternative Medicine In Today’s Health Landscape

Although traditional Western medicine has always been lauded for its potent features and efficacy, one can’t deny the danger most of these synthetic drugs often bring.

For one, there’s always the risk of patients getting addicted to medicines, particularly opioid, which helps patients suffering from chronic diseases that attack different organs of the body, like cancer, manage pain. In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, an average of 115 Americans die every day from drug abuse. Although some of these cases involve illegal drugs like heroin, many of the deaths are often caused by prescription pain medicines and synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

Aside from pain, people who turn to medicine to manage mental health problems and sleep problems like insomnia also turn to synthetic drugs for relief but also risks the chance of an overdose.

Cases like these have resulted in the introduction and growth of alternative medicine modalities. Conventional medicine doctors turn to naturopathy and alternative medicine to avoid risks of addiction and too much strain on organs like the kidney and liver, especially among younger patients.

Finding the root cause

Dr. Anthony Youn, a U.S. surgeon, combines alternative medicine with Western medicine in his practice. According to the doctor, alternative medicine actually tries to look for the root cause of some chronic illness.

He shared that the current medical environment discourages doctors from spending too much time with their patients, and they end up simply prescribing drugs to relieve pain and offer an immediate cure.

Alternative medicines, he said, encourage longer consultations to be able to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the disease and stopping it at the onset. Most synthetic drugs offer temporary relief most of the time without really addressing a more serious cause.

Natural alternatives

In today’s market, we now have the advantage of being able to find an effective and safer alternative to synthetic medicine. Naturopaths and even conventional doctors would often prescribe food or a proper diet to prevent or address chronic diseases via food and lifestyle change.

Dr. Dean Ornish, an American physician and founder of the non-profit group, Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, is known to offer complete lifestyle and diet change to address diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. His method is proven so effective that health insurance groups like Medicare allow reimbursements for patients availing of his treatment option.

Now, aside from diet, alternative medicines and supplements like products containing CBD oil, have also grown quite a following as well. CBD oil has been lauded for various medicinal benefits like pain relief, as a natural sedative, and even as a way to control mild depression and certain types of seizures.

CBD oil from hemp, in particular, is considered to be a growing business as it has all the health benefits of medical marijuana but without the psychoactive risk of getting high.

PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), one of the leading players in the hemp-derived CBD industry to date, has an extensive portfolio of safe and effective products that are backed by careful research and development courtesy of POTN’s exceptional team of medical doctors, nurses and scientists.

Products under their subsidiary, Diamond CBD, have been known to offer natural relief for a number of conditions. Biotech CBD cream (available from 250 to 1,000 mg CBD content), for example, offers a remedy for muscle soreness and inflammation. The Lawrence Taylor Pain Master, also under Diamond CBD, is a lotion that’s specially designed for high-performance athletes who need immediate relief from muscle pain caused by intense workouts.

Chill Gummies-CBD Infused Bears, a Diamond CBD bestseller, is best for people who have mild anxiety, or those who have trouble sleeping. Blue CBD Crystals isolate, which can be used as drops, tinctures, or for a vape, is also a natural alternative to painkillers and synthetic sleeping pills. This product is certified free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound known for causing psychoactive effects when consumed.

CBD oil products are considered safe for use, as recognized by the World Health Organization, so there are so much more possibilities to discover about the benefits of this natural alternative.


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