Failed Four (4) Times But Still In Love With Entrepreneurship

I am Mahabubur Rahaman Arman is a Bangladeshi ICT Entrepreneur & Professional, Internet Entrepreneur through e-Commerce and f-Commerce, e-Commerce Consultant, T-shirt Brand Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Ideapreneur, Volunteer, Contributor at and also I am a professional Graphics Designer beside this all he is the co-founder and CEO of T-ZONE.

My journey was not that easy. Through T-ZONE, I was widely recognized as a charismatic pioneer of the Bangladeshi online t-shirt industry and for my influential career in the IT and RMG fields, He is trying to bridging between RMG with IT. I started my career as a t-shirt designer also worked as a freelance t-shirt designer with some well known international brands. I worked in a project of Associated Press (AP), Chicago Sun Times (CST) & United Press International (UPI) and worked with them for at least 6 months. I asked a few company to print some of my design. But they directly ignored. He felt ignorant. Then he gathered a lot of information over Bangladeshi Online T-shirt Market. And 21st May of 2012, he planned to launch T-ZONE and in 1st June of 2012 he launched it officially.

When I started selling t-shirt online, there was no one to support. I had to pass a lot of things. I made 120 t-shirt in my first project but 40 pcs of t-shirts was in loss because there were holes in my products. After that I started selling my t-shirt on former (current And our response was tremendous. And after that again produced t-shirts and this time my brand again hit the market. We started supplies of t-shirts for other companies or brands. And since the beginning till now I sold around 22,500 pcs of t-shirts. I sold t-shirts in Nepal, UK, Sweden, USA, Australia, Malaysia, India and many more countries. Our client satisfaction rate was 89% and I have clients like, CocaCola, Navana Toyota, Grameen Phone, NewsCred, Google Bangladesh and many more. In total 150+ Clients. I failed several times. Some clients complained that they are not satisfied. Some cancelled their orders due to order delay because of natural and political situations. Even people spread a rumor that I am not a good person in market and they manipulated my clients. It’s a business and due money is a regular thing. Some people also complained on Facebook publicly about me and I never ignored I took those things as criticism and still on the track. Even currently I am also failed but still fueling myself by telling that, everything is going to be alright.

I helped more than 40 people to become entrepreneur. Mostly now a days people knows me because of my Facebook notes, blogs and slides about T-shirt Business and about its market. Very soon I am starting a course on Udemy. In back, I also wrote an article in Bengali about, “How to start a T-shirt business online?” and also made a slide in English. Both of them hit the market tremendously. Even I gave free consultancy service about T-shirt Business and e-Commerce and f-Commerce including online business in Bangladesh more than 100 people.

I and my T-ZONE received several awards for their participation at different fairs. He also featured in Daily Sun, a National English Daily of Bangladesh. And also featured in local blogs. Furthermore, we have been on the “Young Night” ATN Bangla (a Bangladeshi TV channel) program. The “Young Night” program features & highlight youth entrepreneurs who continues their journey despite the strong headwinds.

Today it’s 4th time I failed since I started. I know a lot of people think that I am a bad guy. I need a chance and I can do better than previous for sure. And I know people of Bangladesh will help me.

People loves me. People hates me. Got huge real life experience in journey to entrepreneurship from others. Getting free advises, suggestions and mentor ship from different people. Getting inspiration everyday. Getting client and sales as obvious. Meeting new people everyday. Mind is now broaden, took an idea only and making it big.

Ultimately my journey to entrepreneurship rocks. Though still my family is not happy. And I believe That:

I can not make happy everyone in a single time and I am not at all an angel. And in this side I am selfish. Yes I am selfish cause I have a plan till my age is 35. Than I will not be a selfish.

During this time a lot of people helped me in journey to my entrepreneurship. Someone gave me money, someone opportunities, someone mentorship for free, advised and suggested me to do and not to do things etc. Without your support I am nothing. Forgive me if I miss to mention anyone’s name by mistake. Thanks for being with me. keep this in your mind, I have the guts!

Mahabubur Rahaman Arman

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