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We enjoy when our viewership enjoys what they are reading, watching, listening to, or discovering on Manager Mint Media. Everyday our reach gets larger and larger and currently we are viewed thousands of times a month from over 112 different countries. This is all thanks to you!

And because of you, we want to reward you for engaging with our website and content. Whether it is reading or writing articles, commenting or sharing, completing your profile, clicking on links to playing games, you can earn points in many ways that help boost your membership rank and allow you to purchase products from our store.


Play Scratchers For Points:

Scratchers are a great way to play for points. Pick a scratcher from our growing library, spend a small amount of points per play, (you should have some already from when you created your profile) and scratch away! The higher the cost of scratcher, the more points you have a chance of winning. From time to time, you may be gifted a free scratcher on the house!

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Some Scratch cards offer winnings of up to 50,000 points or a Mega Coin.W


Play Manager Mint Media’s Wheel Of Points:

Manager Mint Media’s Wheel of Points is a points wheel in which you can spin to earn points! Every day you get two free spins and can win up to 25,000 points. Additional spins after the two free ones will cost you 25 points.

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Play Manager Mint Media’s Mega Coin Wheel:

The Mega Coin Wheel allows you to spin for a chance to win the rare and fabled Mega Coin. Mega coins can be used for special, and rare prizes as well as unique member levels. Mega Coin offers no free spins and requires points to play.

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*Not associated with any cryptocurrency.


Earn a variety of points for clicking on certain links! These links are usually great offers that we have been allowed to give you from vendors that we work with. There’s no obligation to signup for any offer however you are rewarded in points for clicking on the links. You never know what you might find because these offers are incredible.

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In the event that you find yourself out of points, or unable to reach a certain membership level, or simple just want to have a ton of points, you can purchase them!

Current Exchange rate: 1 Point = $0.0001 USD

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