How To Claim Your Business Listing

Welcome to Manager Mint Media! Here you will find useful information on how to claim your business listing on our international business directory.


Before you search for your listing we recommend that you create an account first. If you find your listing in our directory and start the claim process before you create an account you will have to search for it again after you register. Our directory search engine works the same logged in or out but since your listing needs to have an account to be claimed by, we recommend you start here. Click HERE to register for a free account.


One you have created a free account you should venture back to the business directory by clicking on the Business Directory tab on the main menu. This will bring you to our Business Directory Search Engine. Once you are on the page, enter keywords such as your company name or if you received an email from us, the address you received the email on. Then click “Find Listings.” For this example we are using an example listing called “Claim Example.”


Here is what your search result will look like. Once you find the listing you are looking for you can click on the listing name to load the full listing page or click on “Claim This Listing” located in the upper right corner of the listing.


Let’s say you click on the listing name. Here is what the listing will look like. If you notice the “Claim This Listing” button moved to the top right of the listing page. Click “Claim This Listing.” As you can see, since you created an account you will notice your name and email address associated with your account on Manager Mint Media will auto populate here. This is why it is important to have an account prior to claiming a listing.

When you are ready click the “Claim Listing” button to the lower right of your email address to start the process.


Once you have clicked on the “Claim Listing” button you will be brought to the Claim Confirmation page. From this page you can choose which plan option works best for you. The Premium Plan is only $0.99 a month and is jammed packed with perks you can’t get in the Basic Plan.

When you have selected your plan click on “Continue To Checkout” at the bottom.

If you chose the Premium Plan you will be brought to a checkout window and then will complete your purchase through PayPal. If you choose the free option you will bypass the checkout process and end at the receipt page.

*Once you have chosen a play you will have to request to upgrade your listing via the “Request Listing Upgrade” button located under the “Business Listing” tab in the “Submissions” drop down menu.

Feel free to print your receipt to save for your business expenses!

Now that you have successfully claimed your listing please click here to view how to manage your business listing!