How To Use Your Profile

Once you are logged into your account, you can view your profile from the account drop down menu.

There are many things you can do in your profile such as update your account, see your Guest Posts, view your comments on articles, see your activity and add posts to your wall, receive messages from other members, review PR reports, earn badges and start/join groups.

This is an instruction guide that will help you utilize the most out of your profile!


Under the About Tab, members are able to input information about themselves as well as upload profile and header photos. When under the About Tab, click the Cog wheel to the right of your name, then click “edit profile” to update this information. Information in your About tab can be view by not just other members, but our total viewership as well.


In your profile, under the Posts Tab, you can view any articles that you may have submitted using our Free Guest Post Submission form.


Under the Comments Tab you can see the comments you have added to other members posts or articles they contributed to Manager Mint Media.


Under the Activity Tab you can add posts to your wall that other members can see in their feed.

To see the Global Member Social Feed, hover over the Member Feed Tab from the main menu.

Then click on Member Social Feed.


In the Messages Tab, you can read and respond to private messages from other members.

To send a message to a member, simply view their profile, then click the message button. Once you click the message button a box will appear that will allow you to send a private message. Simply type you message and click “Send Message.”

Once you receive a message, you will receive a notification in your profile.

To read the messages you get from other members click on the Messages Tab. From here you can respond, block, delete or download the chat history!


Under the Reports tab you will find your downloadable Press Release reports should you choose to submit one with us. We may place other goodies in here as well over time!


Under the badges tab you can view the badges that you have earned based on points, contributions and content engagement.

Under the Your Badges Tab, you can see the badges you have achieved.

Under the All Badges Tab you can see our ever-growing list of badges and how to earn them. Earn bonus points for every badge you achieve.