Inc.: A Woman Left Her BMW at the Airport. What Happened Next Stunned Her (and Left Her Powerless) 

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It crosses your mind sometimes.

You try and leave the thought as far back in your head as possible, because, at heart, there’s nothing you can do.

You’re flying away. You’re leaving your car behind. You hope it’ll be safe.

And that’s why you might choose to use some sort of valet service at the airport.

This was the choice of Zoe Parr, who says she left her BMW 123d M Sport in the care of Manchester Parking Services Ltd. at Manchester Airport in the UK.

Well, she was going off on honeymoon, so better to leave her vehicle in good hands.

One imagines her honeymoon was a delight.

The afterglow, however, may have been tarnished when she got home and discovered she’d been given a parking ticket.

Her offense? She’d allegedly overstayed her welcome in a parking lot belonging to supermarket giant Asda.

There was one small kink that concerned her. As the Independent reports, this overstaying had occurred on the second day of her honeymoon. While she was in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I fear you know where this is going.

Parr suspects that someone at the parking service availed themselves of her BMW. Indeed, when she picked it up after her honeymoon, she says there were 400 additional miles on the clock.

She told the Independent: 

It was absolutely appalling behavior from a professional meet-and-greet car parking firm.

I contacted Manchester Airport Parking Services Ltd. to ask for its reaction. I’ll update, should it respond.

But this is a situation that can affect those who leave their cars in the hands of others.

Whether you’ve taken your car in for a service or you’re staying for a few days in a hotel, someone may be tempted to take advantage.

The most frustrating thing for Parr is that she appears to have no legal recourse. 

How can she know who might have been driving the car when it overstayed its supermarket welcome?

She adds that Manchester Airport Parking Services Limited has neither met her nor greeted her with a response.

Every time you think you’re making your life easier, it’s as well to remember that someone might take advantage.

Sometimes, it’s better to at least park your car yourself.

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