[Infographic] How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage

There are more than a billion smartphone users worldwide and of course, this number is increasing hourly. This is very good news for the manufacturers, but it is also very good news for businesses everywhere, especially in the field of marketing or advertising.

If everyone is absorbed in their smartphones as they travel, commute, relax, work, rest and play, then they are not watching television, looking at billboards, reading newspapers or magazines, listening to the radio, or viewing any other form of media that traditionally included advertising. Logically, if you are in business and need to market your product targeting the smartphone is the obvious choice.

So how can you make mobile marketing work for you?

AppGeeks created the enticing infographic below to show the various aspects of mobile marketing. There are multitudes of strategies that you can use to target smartphones with your advertising. For example, you may want to run a mobile text messaging promotion with your company’s logo or recognizable keyword. This has been shown to increase customer response by more than 15%.

Alternatively, with just a little more effort you could create a small interactive video. It could contain specialized and vital information about your product that viewers can access easily and quickly. Everyone loves interactive media!

This too can increase customer response and engagement and result in excellent completion rates.

Another strategy is to make a special offer via SMS text messaging. For example, you could consider a product discount percentage or a 2 for 1 deal, new membership deal, or a 50% discount if customers are willing to opt into SMS messaging advertising.

This latter strategy is especially useful for those customers who might themselves be unfamiliar with mobile marketing. They might be new to smartphone technology, or reluctant users of it, perhaps just learning how to respond to SMS messages. If this is the case, your business could even include some easily accessible “how-to” information for new users.

All or any of these strategies will increase the presence of your business via smartphone technology. It is definitely the fastest growing advertising field in the world. It is no doubt the way of the future and by far the best, quickest and most cost-effective way to increase your business.


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