InvestorPlace: Friday Apple Rumors: No Personal Information Was Stolen in the Apple Hack

Leading the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) rumor mill today is more info about the recent data hack. Today, we’ll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Friday.

Friday Apple Rumors: No Personal Information Was Stolen in the Apple Hack

Data Hack: Apple says that there was no personal information stolen by an Australian hacker, reports MacRumors. We still don’t know exactly what was stolen by the hacker. However, we do know that he was able to take 90GB worth of data from the company. This data was found by law enforcement on the 16-year-old hacker’s computer. It was stored in a file named “hacky hack hack”. The name of the teen isn’t being released.

2018 Lineup: A collection of rumors says that Apple has a new MacBook on the way, 9to5Mac notes. According to these rumors, the device will be an entry-level MacBook that will cost $1,200. It will also feature a Kaby Lake processor. These rumors also claim that AAPL will announce a release date for the AirPower at its 2018 iPhone event. To go along with this are rumors that the device will cost around $160. There’s also talk that the iPad mini won’t be getting an upgrade this year.

Prince: A new deal has loads of Prince music coming to Apple Music, reports AppleInsider. This deal brings 23 albums from the artist to the company’s streaming service. This is a major change over how things previously were, when Prince music was mostly unavailable for streaming. This was due to his stance on streaming and desire to keep his music from such services. However, Prince passed away in 2016 and his estate is approving these new streaming deals.

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