Is Saving Money Important?

People tend to ask this question a lot that why do they have to save? But the actual question is how do they want their future, worrying or relaxing?

I know when you earn; all you need to do is do everything you once just wished for because life is short. But when you are 80 and in debt, you may regret the decisions you make now. A little spending on things you want is not bad, but a little too much of spending on unnecessary or unplanned things may cost you a fortune.

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In the quest of whether to spend or save, we all need some motivation to do what is right. Here is a list that may help you decide.


In the time we are living in, to survive on just one income stream is not enough. To live the life you have always desired there is something extraordinary that should be done. And to have something in the future, you have to bear some pain in the present.

To have a financially sound life, it is becoming more and more important to invest and for investing you must have an adequate amount for you to put in for a new start. However, there are two ways to it, you either take the loan or pull or your savings. For me and hopefully for most of you, loan never sounds appealing because nobody wants to sleep while they are in debt. So save up and invest!


We all love spending until we are in a middle of a crisis and need some financial help. In those time we find ourselves begging people to help us, but this is not just we do at that time we also regret, regret on the decisions we have been making throughout our life.

I often tell people to not wait until the last moment to realize that we should have saved some bucks that would have helped us out now. Be a wiseacre and develop an emergency fund but keep in mind that a midnight craving does not count as an emergency.


We all work hard now to live a stress-free life afterward, for a happy ending. What if I tell you that if you keep on saving a little every month, you will be exactly where you desire to be.

I know retirement sounds painful when you are earning a handsome amount, and you realize it is ending soon. Save yourself some trouble and money so that you can live a happy retirement life. Check out these retirement blogs to know a little more about it.


If you are planning to buy anything big than remember that it is not going to happen in a day or two, it is a long journey. Establish an account in which you only keep the amount that is to buy that dream house or a car you have been fancying for quite some time now.


It is whether you who is thinking or further education or you have a child to send to college, saving is a must. We all hope for scholarship but to rely on that hope is not enough because education decides yours or your child`s future, be a little more concerned about it.


Almost all of us go mad about traveling. There is this refreshing feeling, this calm, this serenity that traveling brings which you cannot find in your daily life. Researchers claim that for being more productive, it is essential to travel once a year but do they know how much it cost?

I know traveling can be pretty expensive, but if you have been saving a little and do some research before going out, it would all be worth each dime.

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