Manager Mint Media Announces Launch of New Press Release Service

The newly added press release service from is designed to help client’s increase visibility by connecting businesses to more than 30,000 news sites and journalists.

(Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) Approximately 80 million people get their news from an online source each day. Additionally, over 100 million people use search engines on a daily basis. There are even estimates that up to 80 percent of all internet sessions start with a general search. These facts clearly highlight the benefits offered by optimizing a business Press Release for SEO.

To accommodate the need for these optimized press releases, Manager Mint Media is announcing the release of a new service, which is designed to help any company increase visibility quickly. “Our new service sends the Press Release product to more than 30,000 journalists, and is placed on hundreds of real news sites,” stated company CEO and Founder Shane Wieters. “It’s no longer enough just to just create Powerful Press Releases, it is also necessary to ensure they are optimized to show up in search engine results. Each of our press releases is optimized to include images, as well as optimized content that will help to rank the content in sites such as Google News.”

Press releases are a proven way to increase leads and sales. In fact, recent statistics released by MarketingProfs indicate that approximately 71 percent of all B2B marketers count on content marketing to help generate new leads. However, to reap the benefits of content derived leads, the content has to rank and be visible in search engines.

“In addition to providing optimized content for your press release, we will also add links that will boost the rankings of your website,” continued Wieters. “With our help, you can improve your social proof, search engine rankings and even your overall reputation.”

Learn more about the new service offered by Manager Mint Media and how businesses can increase their Exposure by visiting the company’s website and viewing an Actual Report HERE!


Manager Mint Media is considered one of the most valuable resources available today for businesses. It is also the best location for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses and more to find the resources needed to help improve business efforts and achieving better results and higher profits. The company is regularly creating new services and posting new resources to ensure they continue improving their ability to help modern businesses. The goal of this company is to find and then provide all the information needed to help a business reach higher levels of success than they ever thought possible.

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