Manager Mint Media: Medium: ‘A Conversation With The Universe’ Answers The Question On How To Live A More Balanced Life

Shane Wieters

Take a journey into the mind of Manager Mint Media’s CEO and dive into our universe in search of balance and perspective to ultimately live a better life.

Balance is at the center of all things and in this book, readers can discover just how true it is. Perspective is reality to many people and unfortunately it can cause them to live very negative lives. A Conversation With The Universe allows readers to discover that looking outwards will never reveal the answers to one’s questions but it is when the they start to look inwards that answers become readily available.

Follow mind provoking chapters that focus on particular points about mindset that can be used to propel the reader into a newfound sense of purpose, confidence, motivation and ability to take action. How to overcome obstacles, open new doors and how to live the life that the reader always knew they wanted all while learning their place among the Universe.

Shane Wieters shows that the true key to life is understanding balance, our perception and how it ultimately improves or reduces our relationship with the universe and everything in it. Take the journey into thought and walk the path to a better understanding in life.

If you break down the foundation of thought, you can think like you’ve never thought before. Fear not the journey into the mind, for in the end, the beginning and all that is in between, you’ll find time and time again that the mind is the only frontier. Without one, there is no frontier. Without one, this may have never existed at all.

A Conversation With The Universe: A Journey Into One’s Mind can be purchase on here and is available for global distribution. Signed copies will be made available on Manager Mint Media’s multivendor marketplace Hous of Markets and can be purchase here. To emphasize the value in this book, a video series and podcast that will give a visual and audio representation of the information in the book will be released towards the end of 2019.

Shane Wieters is the CEO and Founder of Manager Mint Media. He is best known for his insight into Mindset, Perspective, Startups, Business and Leadership. A Conversation With The Universe is a culmination of over 10 years of thought on balance and perspective that has been reduced down to what exactly readers should know about their role in the Universe as a whole and how they can use that knowledge to propel their lives every forward. His business reaches over 136 countries and is home to a global business directory of over 126,000 listings.

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