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First off, thank you for being a part of Manager Mint Media! Whether you are contributing to our content or have your business listed in our directory, we appreciate you and are we are working hard to provide you with Massive, Authoritative and Effective Business Exposure.

So here’s the news…before it hits the press. We wanted to give you exclusive access to Hous of Markets for the next few weeks.

Hous of Markets is a brand-new, multi vendor marketplace that we have been building for some time, under wraps. Now it’s finished and we want you to continue the journey with us and open shop.

Register to start creating your store here:

By creating your own shop on Hous of Markets, you gain access to a variety of effective tools to help you create products and start selling. Unlike other marketplaces, Hous of Markets was designed to be virtually risk free. There are no membership, subscriptions, listing or registration fees, unless you create them in your own store of course!

In exchange for our platform and all of the premium tools like Live Chat, Coupon Creation, and Custom Vendor Shop (just scratching the surface of what Hous of Markets has to offer) we collect a small fee per sale from your shop. This fee goes to running, maintaining and advertising the platform.

In our quest to help you increase your business exposure, we hope you open shop on Hous of Markets because we have a feeling you’ll like it just as much as Manager Mint Media.

Here is why you should become a vendor:

Remember, this hits the news in a few weeks, and if your have a business and you sell a product or services, or know someone that does, you have time to register and create your store. Remember its free!

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