Manager Mint Media’s Press Release Product Shows Major Benefits For Businesses In More Than One Way

Manager Mint Media’s PR product shown to be major driver in generating backlinks and improving domain and page authority for businesses.

Rancho Santa Margarita, United States – May 22, 2018 /Manager Mint Media/ — The team at Manager Mint Media has shown that once again, press releases can have multiple major impacts for businesses. First, and more commonly known, is that press releases reach millions of readers every day. Most people are utilizing some sort of device or app to get their news and generally they are reading some sort of breaking news or press release article. Press releases give businesses the opportunity to reach a large and unique audiences to help them maximize exposure, in a much more cost effective way than typical CPC or social media ads. In fact, Manager Mint Media’s service reaches an average of 101 Million people, which is quite the audience for any business or service.

“One thing we noticed right from the start is how quickly the links to our website grew,” states Shane Wieters, CEO and Founder of Manager Mint Media. To test their product they used it on their own business. “In the matter of three releases, we had generated nearly 100,000 links back to our website.” This data was found using Moz – a leading SEO analytics company. This data goes to show that the product is capable of creating thousands of permanent links on high-ranking authority sites. These links are also known as backlinks which is when one website links to another website. Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links. Backlinks are important because they are signals to search engines that you have reputable content on. The more links, the more the search engines thinks your content is worth displaying to its users. These links help to guide traffic to specific content featured in the press release as viewers read the article.

A third advantage of a press release is that the links provided in them help to increase a companies domain authority as well as the page authority that the links direct to. Domain authority is also abbreviated sometimes as DA and is a search engine ranking score that was developed by Moz which helps determine how well a website will rank in a search engine result page. The rage for domain authority is 0-100 with the higher the score the higher the websites chances of ranking high. Page Authority (PA) on the hand helps predict how well a specific page on that website will rank in a search engine result page. These are scored in the same fashion as domain authority. According to a survey of 128 SEO Professionals in June of 2013, Domain Authority and Page-Level Link feature ranked as the most important ranking factors.

Manager Mint Media is a small media business that has a major impact for marketing and SEO companies by offering this service to help strengthen their current product offering. “SEO, marketing or advertising company should have a PR product as an offering to their customers. It’s the rocket fuel for any SEO or marketing strategy because people read the news everyday, you get thousands of backlinks, and you improve your search engine ranking results.” Says the CEO.

While there are many PR companies available, Manager Mint Media offers low wholesale priced, white label press release solutionsfor seo and marketing companies looking to increase their current product line. Having a white label solution is beneficial because it’s nearly the same as adding a product in which little to no work has to be performed by the company selling it. Allowing a company to monetize on a product without having to provide very little resources to run it. To learn more about how to add a white label press release product to your businesses current product offering visit Manager Mint Media.

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