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Lynda Hoffman has launched a new report focusing on four step process for grieving with self-compassion. She is a Montreal based career coach with a focus on getting great results for clients.

Lynda Hoffman, the Montreal based career coach, has launched a new report focusing on steps for responding to crises with self-compassion. The storms of social change and work place challenges are equally as challenging to deal with and provide opportunities for healing and growth. It highlights that after serious storms, people need to pay attention to their internal world with self-compassion.

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Lynda is a specialist coach who prides herself on helping clients to achieve their goals and transform their life. She has a unique approach to coaching which is based on collaboration and client-centered solutions.

The report was written after several storms impacted Canada and the United States.

It underscores that anyone who has been affected by the storms might find themselves feeling anxious, irritable or sad.

For anyone feeling overwhelmed, it can be important to lean into the discomfort. This allows the person to truly feel it, and allow it them to respond with self-compassion. USA, LLC

The report details a four step process for people to call on when they want to respond to pain with self-compassion. The first step is to acknowledge what has happened.

This means slowing down and saying “yes” to the fact that something has happened. Acknowledging distress is the first step to overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Secondly, it’s important for people to allow what is already there. This means noticing the facts about the situation and whatever feelings may be present. USA, LLC

Thirdly, the report encourages people to investigate what is happening inside them. This means people asking themselves gently what they believe about the situation.

The report states: “Ask yourself what you need right now. Is it love? Safety? Reassurance? Now imagine giving this to yourself. Be the loving kindness you need. Notice how this changes your inner experience.”

Lastly, it stresses the importance of non-identification. This means that people are not their feelings; feelings do not define them.

Responding with compassion is something that can be learned, and Lynda Hoffman can help people with this. It changes the quality of lives, the capacity to respond effectively and heal the pain that can accompany change.

Interested parties wanting to find out more about her coaching can visit her website on the URL provided above.

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Name: Lynda Hoffman
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Organization: Lynda Hoffman
Address: 3792 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, Québec H4A 3J7, Canada

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