Press Release Shown To Be More Cost Effective Than Social Media Marketing

Manager Mint Media drives in massive benefits for their customers through their premium press release service with a far greater reach than typical social media ads.

“Starting a new business or running your own can be an exciting adventure, full of many benefits, if one can do it right. What holds back many businesses however, is the constant struggle with increasing its brand or product exposure. It’s great to have an amazing product or service but if a business can’t reach the people that want to buy it, then they will find themselves trying to tread water in a sea of competition.” says company CEO Shane Wieters.

His company, Manager Mint Media, realized this, and coupled with the ineffective capabilities of social media marketing that most businesses experience, has created partnerships with a vast network of media giants ready to help drive more traffic to their customers.

All over the world hundreds of millions of people are reading the news each and every day. According to a recent study, consumers that read online news are more likely to get their news from a professional outlet. With Manager Mint Media’s distribution network, customers are able to tap into this massive viewership and gain a potentially larger customer base by getting placement in front of these readers through a what is known as a Press Release. Getting this same distribution from social media marketing would cost a hefty price.

The press release is designed to help increase a brands visibility and trust amonst other benefits. The more people read about a business the more they know about them and the potential to become customers of those businesses increases. With social media ads, the brand’s message stops when the ad stops. Press Releases create a lasting message.

Manager Mint Media’s press release and distribution services pack a punch by enhancing a company’s search engine optimization efforts. The main reason is their Press Releases maximize their customer’s off-page SEO backlinking effort. This further helps to drive traffic back to their customer’s website or place of business.

Now with these core benefits and many more that come with a Press Release, and to help new businesses or even existing ones in increasing their brand’s or product’s exposure, Manager Mint Media is offering 25% off any new customer’s first purchase! This covers not only the extensive network in which the release is distributed amongst but also covers the writing of a professional press release. is the best place to go for press releases.

Manager Mint Media is a growing resource for those who can write their own releases or write releases for other businesses. These companies can take full advantage of just the press release distribution network at even lower prices.

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Organization: Manager Mint Media

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