Press Release: Sua TV Tai Nha Recognized as Best TV Repair Service and Receives Award for It USA, LLC

Sua TV Tai Nha received the award for the best TV repair home service in Vietnam.

Sua TV Tai Nha is now Vietnam’s best TV and other electronics home repair service after they received their awards from the business community. The company is currently offering its services in various states which brought this enormous success. They are literally overwhelmed with this as it was their goal to receive this award for quite some time. For a few years, they are really working hard and step their game up with customer service which leads to more than 98% satisfaction rate of their customers.

This firm offers assistance in TV repair by visiting homes of their clients. Their experienced technical team offers solutions instantly that solves the issues of the people having with their TVs. This lead to their name being spread on the market over time. With more than 10 years in this field, the company finally had a breakthrough that took them to the top spot that aided them to receive the award.

The CEO of this firm remarked, “We have been working really hard for the last 10 years to get our hands on this award and reach a great height of success. After receiving this award for the best service in this business, we are already seeing a growth in our customers. This is a great achievement for us and it only strengthens us to be even bigger now.”

Though is now enjoying their success and achievements, they have already started planning for future expansion. Now they offer their services in just a few places, but they will soon start offering their service to people all over Vietnam. The goal is to be the company which every person thinks about first whenever they have an issue with television.

Also, this newly found fame has helped them to gain numerous investors who are willing to fund their ideas and expansion plans. Hence, it can be expected that they will soon start implementing their ideas about expansion to gain more clients and offer their service to more people who require it. So, all this guarantees one thing, a lot of changes can be expected in this year.

One of the experienced technicians said, “Our job is not just to fix the TV. It is to see that each of our clients is satisfied with our service. Hence, our job is to be efficient and polite. We do our best and our customers love us. This loyalty and professionalism between us and clients have helped this company reach such a big stage.”

Well, looks like the company will give their competitors a run for their money especially after implementing all the changes they have set. What changes exactly takes place and how they do in the future is something they will have to wait to check it out. USA, LLC

About the company:

Suativitainha is an organization that offers home repair services for different types of TVs. It is in this business for a decade and recently got the award for their services. They offer their service in a few different places; however, with upcoming expansion, they will be providing their services throughout Vietnam.

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