Press Release: Urban Mining NE Launches Pozzotive® IF – First Paint With Post Consumer Content

Urban Mining Northeast (UMN) Launches Pozzotive® IF, the newest addition to the Pozzotive®-branded line of sustainable building innovations using post-consumer ground glass to help meet the increasing demand for more renewable and recycled content in products.

Urban Mining Northeast (UMN) is proud to announce the introduction of Pozzotive® IF, the newest addition to the Pozzotive®-branded line of sustainable building innovations, and the first commercial application of this exciting new product in paint.

UMN has developed a patented technology that transforms post-consumer ground glass into a sustainable industrial filler replacement with a broad range of uses. This new product will help meet the increasing demand for more renewable and recycled content in products made today. Pozzotive® IF is produced from the most problematic recyclable for municipalities – glass. It replaces non-renewable, mined materials currently used in various industrial filler applications and creates products that are high performing and environmentally responsible.

This is a story about achieving the circular economy at its finest. Regionally harvested consumer waste glass is processed regionally into feedstock for the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products used to rebuild/restore the region of its origin.

The entire 20,000 SF office of Westchester County’s Department of Environmental Facilities, the agency in charge of the County’s recycling and waste reduction programs, has just been painted with Pozzotive® IF based paint. The product was formulated and manufactured by the New York based Mercury Paint Company. Urban Mining Northeast (UMN) was first introduced to Mercury by Amanda Kaminsky, the founder of Building Product Ecosystems and an industry leader in sustainability and early supporter of Pozzotive® based products.

The paints and coatings industries offer an opportunity to recycle large volumes of post-consumer glass into value-added industrial fillers. Approximately 1.3 billion gallons of paint are sold in the United States annually according to the Freedonia Group. The per-gallon replacement rate of 0.5 pounds of mined industrial filler with Pozzotive® IF would keep approximately 667 million pounds of glass from taking valuable landfill space. In addition, by being produced regionally, the use of Pozzotive® IF dramatically reduces the amount of transportation-related fossil fuel consumption and resulting CO2 generation.

Urban Mining Northeast (UMN) has revolutionized the recycling and building industries by creating a line of products, under the brand name Pozzotive®, that replace hazardous, low quality and non-renewable building material components with post-consumer ground glass. Using an innovative and patented process, UMN is utilizing recycled glass to transform conventional commercial products like concrete, sand blasting media and industrial fillers into environmentally friendly products that provide both performance enhancements and contribute toward various LEEDS credits to projects across the country. The successful use of UMN’s first product, Pozzotive® ground glass pozzolan, in the concrete industry is well documented, and is showcased in projects such as the United Nations Plaza, high-rise buildings and sidewalk installations in New York City and in Google’s corporate campus in CA. In addition to providing architects, builders and transportation officials a line of proven, green building products with superior durability and performance, Urban Mining Northeast offers a large scale, cost effective solution to the oversupply of recycled glass facing municipalities across the country.

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Address: 270 North Avenue, Suite 200, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States
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