Problems Are Just Opportunities.

Change Your Mindset, Problems Are Just Opportunities.

Ever have that time where you have had to deal with the same problem over and over or you’ve managed or worked with an associate that always tells you about a problem and never has any solutions?

This is because as a society we have developed and created excuses to deviate ourselves from the real issue or problem rather than facing it head on and it happens at every level of any organization structure. Have you ever thought you should change your perspective on what a problem is?

My challenge to you is to look at every problem like it’s an opportunity, and see what a difference it will make.

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Opportunities are circumstances with uncertain outcomes, requiring commitment of resources and involving exposure to rise. Problems are gaps between what is currently happening and what should be happening. Opportunities are how Entrepreneurs see problems. When starting a business everything could be a problem from finding vendors, suppliers to building your team and allocating your resources. Now start naming off all the things you think you would need to do in order to start a business.  There is a psychology of organizational success and opportunity and it all starts with your mindset.

What are the problems you would run into along the way? What challenges or obstacles would you need to overcome? Get stressed out? Some of you did and some of your probably didn’t. But if you look at all these problems as opportunities something amazing happens. Stress levels decrease and innovation and excitement takes place giving you the ability to focus in a positive mindset and not pull your hair out in a panic attack allowing you to develop better ideas. Now you have the chance to make a change and this problem is your opportune moment to do so.

The reason I say that you should look at every problem like it’s an opportunity is because it makes doing the hard stuff easier. The hard stuff meaning creating a solution to the problem. The word “problem” has such a negative meaning that it causes most people to look the other way or pawn it off on someone else rather than solving it.  If everyone is passing the problem to each other, well, then it will never get solved. Think about a time that this has happened to you, what would you have done differently?

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This in itself is an opportunity. If your looking for people to be in your talent pool, look for the individual(s) on your team that sees the problem and then solves it or makes an attempt. This is an individual that is bought into the company vision and cares about their job or career. More times than not these individuals further their careers into management or leadership positions. Here are 3 things you can start doing today to be a better leader that can also help.

By becoming an opportunity, you change your perspective on the situation to a positive one, and with that become more willing to seek a solution. Opportunities are worth innovation and necessitate the use of creative thinking to develop solutions.

Look at it this way. Looking at your problems, as problems will lead to more problems and less solutions. Its plain and simple and we all know that avoiding the problems is even worse. Avoiding problems could escalate to customer issues, tasks not getting complete, and turmoil in the workplace as well as negative brand representation.

Opportunities require commitment. Realize how important this statement is. If you want the best possible outcome for your problem you need to be committed to the opportunity, your team needs to be committed so you can rise above the challenges to change uncertain outcomes into the correct outcomes.


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