Benefits That Comes with AI Technology in the E-commerce

The e-commerce continues to grow at a meteoric rate with online sales accounting for 8.3 percent of all United States sales in 2016. The research firm, Forrester, predicted that the online sales in 2017 would amount to $459 billion, an increase of 4.3 percent from the previous year. To expand and contend for the e-commerce market, retailers have adopted the use of AI technology to create a deeply personal and highly curated online experience. The AI has aided in;

Expert System … What Have We Learned Through Natural Lack of Knowledge?

I discovered artificial intelligence, or AI, to be thoroughly interesting. As I continued my work, and broadened into other areas of understanding management and, eventually, remote watching, I started to discover some uncommon inconsistencies in the AI world and the desires to produce "really intelligent" and "believing" machines.

How Machine Learning Is Changing Digital Commerce

Machine learning (ML) emerged as a derivative of artificial intelligence. It is enabling computers to be self-learning, evolving intelligent systems by providing relevant data sets from the past and recognizing patterns that exist in them.