Here Is Why Netflix Is A Brand and It’s Competitors Are…

It all starts with passion and then continiues with strategy and preparation. The first, often lacked by market followers, is always present in innovators. In this article I will particularly talk about Netflix and their remarkable success story and why Netflix dominates the movie streaming market.

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Styleguides

Having a proper styleguide is a thing that your business requires in order to keep your brand identity consistent regardless of who creates it and consistent through any medium of communication; however, not many businesses keep one.

10 Principles of Business Innovation Design

What does it take to build a design-centric business? Whether you are a running a startup, small business or large organization there are certain actions and ways of thinking that will enable you to innovate and grow more effectively. These are guiding principles to design a business.

[Infographic] The Rise of Social Media Customer Care

Customer care is an integral part of every business’s success. Customer service is a way of building a better relationship with your customers, thus increasing the opportunities for a positive impact on sales and customer loyalty.

Manager Mint Media Offers Benefits Designed to Improve Business and Brand

Businesses in all industries can leverage Manager Mint Media traffic, which receives monthly visits by tens of thousands of users across 112 countries. Various benefits allow users to gain exposure and grow their brands.